CORSAIR Platfrom:6 Modular Computer Desk is the ultimate customizable workstation for gamers, streamers and content creators

CORSAIR might have just created the most insane standing desk you could wish for. Yes, a modular desk tailored for PC gamers, digital artists, content creators, streamers and professionals from all walks of life who spend a lot of time in front of the screen.

The elegant accessory revealed during Gamescom, instantly peps up any work-from-home setup or for that matter even an office setup if your organization is generous enough. Called the CORSAIR Platfrom:6 Modular Computer Desk, it’s designed to leave nothing to chance. Something right out of the Hasbro universe.

Designer: CORSAIR

The desk comes with a range of attachments including RapidRoute cable management system, monitor arms, in-desk storage cubby with built-in USB Type-A and Type-C ports. The addition of more accessories to the desk is possible with the modular rail system, so you’ll never be left longing for more. That’s what we presume comes with the base model of the desk.

Creator Edition offers even more like the motorized height adjustment and the option to map height presets for particular times of the day. This version also includes 30 x 70cm side extensions for a wider work area, hanging pegboards for headphones, gaming controllers, or anything else you can hook on. Since the desk supports Elagto’s multi-mount range accessories, you can attach cameras, lights and microphones too.

Clearly, Platfrom:6 offers more than any other desk on the market and it’s like a dream come true for streamers who always crib for more space and option to expand their accessory set. In fact, this could be the last PC desk you’d buy for a long time to come, as it even offers the users the ability to 3D print custom accessories to be used with the desk!

If already you’re excited, the Platform:6 desk backed by five years of warranty is coming in the fourth quarter of this year for an undisclosed price. What’s known, so far indicates the desk will come in black laminate or dark walnut-stained rubberwood.