Bye-bye Jet Lag!

Ask any traveller and they’ll tell you that in the fast-paced globetrotting world the saying goes “If you don’t snooze, you lose”. When you’re rushing between time-zones, or cities, or even within the city, one small power-nap does wonders. The Voyage Pillow by Sondre Travel is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to catch a few winks while traveling. Unlike those atrocious U-shaped travel pillows that look unsightly and occupy volumes of space, the Voyage is compact, some may say perfectly-sized even… for carrying around with you on flights, train-journeys, or even long road-trips.

At barely a third of the footprint of your regular travel pillow, the Voyage pillow does the job twice as well, allowing you to sleep with your head to the back, or even the side. It comes with a strap that secures itself around your neck so you don’t drop it, or leave it behind by mistake (we’ve all done it), plus the strap even doubles up as an eye mask, allowing you to get effective sleep virtually anywhere.

The Voyage pillow’s microbead pillow give you all-round comfort by adapting to your body. The Spandex fabric construction fits everyone and feels soft to the touch, allowing one to comfortably drift into sleep. Available in a variety of colors, users can choose between a classic Midnight Black, a dreamy Ocean Blue, or a rejuvenating Sunset Red. With its compact design, it fits comfortably into any suitcase giving you ample space to pack other important things as well. Essentially doing the job of a comfortable travel pillow, and an eye mask when needed, the Voyage pillow allows you to effectively rest on the go, in any which way you feel comfortable… because we all know that jet-lag can be a complete drag!

Designer: Matt Benedetto

BUY IT HERE: $21.00 $31.00