The Luggage Trap

This luggage tray concept surely tops the ones I have seen long distance buses use. The entire tray pulls out and allows you to load the bags with ease. Next, you slide the tray back in and you’re ready to go. The difference actually is the ability of the tray to slide out completely and hold the weight of the bags thanks to the pull-down legs. A simple redesign that can work out well for the loader and his back! Relief from the strain!

Designers: Choi Seungho, Han Jiyu, Jeon Minchang, Lim Hyunmook and Yoo Sungmin


  • Jemma says:

    This is really awesome. so useful and definitely required!!

  • Drama queen says:

    I love it! definitely less pain in the back when traveling especially since my luggage is so heavy!

  • kim says:

    Hey this is such a nice concept! Very useful indeed!

  • Samuel says:

    very nicely designed. the ergonomics aids the user.

  • William says:

    sleek design and very well thought of. This will help many especially the senior citizens when they are travelling alone.

  • TIMTIM says:

    This picture is not finished. Do not repeat pictures. The English is poor. Pay for an actual native speaker to review your text. The text is repeated and has too many words where it is not repeated. The “problem” should not be repeated. Pick one presentation of the problem and present only that.
    On the good side, good mix of the drawings and the model. The red slide rail is way out of balance. It looks like you are just redesigning a red slide.
    If this is a finished project, it would receive a C.

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