How this adjustable 360-degree laptop stand for MacBooks helps elevate your productivity

Laptops are extremely convenient in letting us bring the power of computing almost anywhere we go, sometimes even when we don’t have a flat surface to place it on. That portability, however, does come at a cost, taking a toll on our health because of the bad posture they enforce. Screens are well below our natural eye level, and keyboards are not only cramped but also very, very flat. There are laptop stands that try to raise your laptop to match your eye level or ones that tilt the keyboard a bit, but very few can do both. That’s the kind of flexibility that this innovative laptop stand brings to your table, literally and figuratively, and it goes beyond just raising your laptop to offer a new level of productivity and comfort.

Designer: ADAM elements

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Laptop Stand & Hub – The CASA Hub Stand Pro integrates stand, ergonomic adjustment, and USB-C hub functions.

Detachable Design – The lightweight hub works as either an integrated part of the stand or an independent device.

Designed with the MacBook in mind, the CASA Hub Stand Pro is able to raise any laptop up to 29cm in height, providing a more ergonomic position that won’t strain your neck. Of course, you can also set it a bit lower if you don’t have an external keyboard available, or if you want to use its inclined platform as an easel for drawing on a tablet. With a high-precision load-bearing mechanism that can handle weights of up to 3.5kg, this handsome laptop accessory can handle not just MacBook Pros but even heftier gaming laptops as well.

Fits Personal View Angles – With a maximum elevation angle of 180 degrees and a height of up to 11.4″ (29cm).

Suitable for MacBook and iPad – Compatible with the M2/M1 MacBook and iPad series.

Stable & Durable – Virtually no laptop the CASA Hub Stand Pro cannot support.

This Red Dot 2023 award winner carries an atmosphere of elegance and durability with its sleek, all-aluminum design and premium craftsmanship that fits perfectly with the MacBook’s own aesthetic. That design, however, isn’t just for show, because every part has a purpose and function to help increase your working efficiency. The plate, for example, is perforated to help dissipate heat and reduce its weight. The base can also rotate 360 degrees, so it only takes a swivel to get the laptop into a comfortable position or to share your screen with other people present.

4K High-resolution – The hub supports super-crisp 4K@60Hz resolution and HDCP 2.2 encoding for perfect video streaming.

6 Multi-function Ports – For charging, video and data transmission.

The surprises don’t end there, though. The CASA Hub Stand Pro is also home to a detachable USB-C hub that can extend the selection of ports on your laptop, including 4K 60Hz output to an external monitor and 100W pass-through charging to keep the laptop topped up. The hub perfectly fits the base when you’re at your desk, and when you need to go, you can easily remove it and take it with you so that you can have the same conveniences even when away from the laptop stand.

Your MacBook Pro might not be designed for the ultimate comfort, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer the pain and injury all through your life. With the CASA Hub Stand Pro, you can raise, tilt, and swivel your MacBook or any laptop at any height and angle, letting your body decide your perfect working conditions. Best of all, with a detachable USB-C hub, you can also extend the power of your computer, whether at home or on the go, leveling up your productivity game in comfort, convenience, and style.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $129 (23% off with Coupon Code “23OFFYANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!