Pickling. It’s not just for hipsters.


We have hipsters to thank for bringing back pickling as a hobby but the Japanese have been enjoying “tsukemono” or preserved vegetables and fruits for ages! The key to great tsukemono is a heavy stone or other object to place pressure on the contents, however, traditional containers are much too large to keep in today’s modern kitchens.

Designed with this in mind, the Picklestone is a portable pickler that makes it possible for anyone to put it in their refrigerator at home. (Say that 10x fast!) Just add the leftover veggie cuts of your choice and pickle brine (typically salt, chili pepper, and konbu kelp) to the jar, seal it with the stone and wood lid, and voila! You’ve got a sustainable, savory snack.

Designers: Kunihiko Nakata & Tomonori Tanaka of Harmoniqua

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