The World’s Lightest EDC Folding Knife Weighs Less Than an Ounce but Packs an Absolute Punch

At 26 grams (<0.9 ounces), the FeatherLite is the lightest pocket flipper with a 2-inch blade. It comes with a D2 Steel blade sheathed within a titanium-reinforced G10 fiber handle that keeps the entire knife exceptionally light yet incredibly nimble. The FeatherLite even packs a prybar/screwdriver into its design, making it an EDC so light, you probably won’t even realize you’re carrying it with you… until you need it!

Designer: Peak Spec

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The title of the ‘world’s lightest folding knife’ isn’t easy to come by, but the FeatherLite manages to achieve this distinction thanks to its clever design. The knife, although built to size, does a great job of cutting down on all non-essentials. It trades an overtly ergonomic design for something that’s easy to grip, but still incredibly slim. The handle uses G10, known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, and its inner titanium frame is practically skeletal while still ensuring the knife stands up even to rough usage.

Being lightweight doesn’t mean the FeatherLite is a microscopic knife (like the one that fits into a US Quarter Coin). The entire folding EDC measures a respectable 2.9 inches when closed, extending up to 4.9 inches when fully open, and clocking in at just 0.27 inches (7mm) in thickness. The 2.9-inch handle is just the right size to grip, with the textured G10 handle giving you enough friction, and a finger groove on the bottom allowing you to easily hold the knife without it slipping away. The 2-inch blade is long enough to get you through most activities too, offering all the functionality of your everyday pocket knife.

The D2 steel blade balances its sharpness and lightweight properties with near perfection. Open the blade and a liner lock effectively secures it in place, ensuring it doesn’t close in on you while you’re working. The blade’s sheepsfoot shape gives it a straight edge that’s dangerously sharp, allowing it to slice through everything from paper to soft wood and even tough leather. The D2 steel construction keeps the blade sharp for a longer time than other steels, although if you’re looking for something more high-performance, the folks at Peak Spec let you upgrade the D2 to an M390 chromium steel instead.

The FeatherLite is useful even with the blade folded back into the handle. A small section of the titanium frame on the reverse end of the handle serves multiple roles, including being a pry-bar, a scraping tool, and a flathead screwdriver. Its hollow design also lets you string the 0.9-ounce EDC knife onto your keychain, letting you carry it everywhere you go.

The perks of a lightweight knife are pretty obvious. The very point of EDC (or everyday carry) is to be able to carry your gear around everywhere you go, every day… so having a knife as compact and ridiculously lightweight as the FeatherLite helps immensely. The folks at Peak Spec mention that it’s “so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re carrying it”… that is, until you end up needing a blade, and voila! It’s right there and it’s more than capable of handling both indoor and outdoor tasks with ease.

The FeatherLite comes in two colors, a bright, highly visible orange, and a complete opposite all-black design that even features an anodized black blade for that stealthy appeal. The beauty of the FeatherLite lies in the fact that it isn’t an explicitly outdoor-focused knife. You can use it to cut fruits and vegetables, open boxes, participate in DIY projects (thanks to the prybar/screwdriver), and even use it for self-defense. In its outdoor capacity, the knife is great for hunting, fishing, carving, camping, etc.

With a $39 price tag, the FeatherLite is an absolute steal for both enthusiasts as well as for people looking to own their first EDC. It’s built to be reliable, is safe to use with its liner-lock mechanism, and is a robust work-horse backed by a lifetime warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $60 (35% Off) Hurry! Only 5 Days Left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $60 (35% Off) Hurry! Only 2 Days Left!