A tiny $399 tabletop controller replaces an entire video production deck: Meet the RØDE Streamer X

Innovation makes technology accessible. The camera used to once be too big to carry – it’s now the size of your thumbnail. Telephones used to be bound by wires – they now fit in your pockets, and a video production setup used to occupy an entire room – but RØDE puts it in a 6-inch X 6-inch device that sits on your tabletop. As impressive as that may sound, it’s also the audio company’s first-ever foray into video production… and it’s set to change how gamers, streamers, podcasters, and online event organizers work.

The RØDE Streamer -X combines a professional 4K video capture card, audio interface, and control surface into one simple, small, streamlined device that gives you complete control over your content creation setup. Building on the company’s line of podcasting equipment, along with its dominance in the audio industry in general, the Streamer-X aims at channeling a new demographic of content creators, for whom video is just as important as audio. The Streamer-X lets you capture 4K video and even switch between video sources, while managing audio inputs. MIDI controller-like buttons on the device let you cue effects or music, and two intuitive knobs let you control mic and headphone volume, condensing an entire range of production equipment into something that occupies about the same amount of desktop real-estate as Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

Designer: RØDE

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The Streamer X forms a crucial interface between your recording equipment and your computer, allowing you to easily manage production thanks to its small, intuitive design. The rear lets you hook up HDMI sources, supporting 4K30 video and up to 4K60 pass-through, along with studio-grade audio inputs for XLR microphones and instruments, headsets, etc. (and even connectivity for wireless mics) with an ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp™ built-in. In short, all your expensive professional-grade equipment plugs right into the Streamer X, which then hooks to your workstation to connect to your production software.

While most video production decks are inundated with knobs, buttons, sliders, and controls that seem daunting to the beginner, the Streamer X boasts a simplified interface that lets you configure and control your setup. Large, backlit keys let you easily control audio and video even in low-light settings, with dedicated controls for mic and headphones levels, and large audio and video mute buttons. The Streamer X also boasts four SMART pads that can be tailored to your preferences, with the option to access up to 64 through bank switching. These pads can be programmed to initiate audio playback, apply voice FX, and send MIDI messages to your computer. This means that you can execute any keyboard shortcut with a single press of a pad, making it incredibly convenient for tasks such as changing slides during a presentation or switching scenes in your streaming software.

The rear offers a look at all the input and output ports on the Streamer X

Simply put, the $399 Streamer X helps you differentiate between an amateur and a professional video setup. RØDE designed this product for YouTubers, Twitch-streamers, gamers, deejays, podcasters, vloggers, independent media, cinematographers, and online presenters, giving them all a quick, professional way to manage all their recording equipment. The Streamer X lets you connect to 2 computers or mobile device simultaneously with the dual USB-C interfaces, and compatibility with the free UNIFY software lets you perform advanced audio routing, mixing, and configuration. At its price point, it doesn’t break the bank either, which means you can splurge on expensive recording equipment instead, vastly enhancing the quality of your output. The Streamer X also makes for a perfect tool for amateurs looking to get their grasp on professional-grade video/audio production.

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