Ultra-portable Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition sim racing chair folds away when not in use

Racing sims are the best way to experience the exhilarating in-game action but there’s a caveat. They can be bulky, not suited for small rooms, and also hefty on the pocket if you are on a budget. Logitech wants to get over this predicament with a compact gaming chair that can be folded away when not in use.

Meet the Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition sim racing chair designed to “experience the thrill of racing at home” without burning a hole in your pocket. As Jim Hoey, head of simulation marketing at Logitech explained that the collaboration with Playseat (gaming chair maker) was intended to make the “Challenge X more functional, comfortable and overall, a better racing experience, than traditional desktop gaming chairs.”

Designer: Logitech G and Playseat

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The racing sim cockpit chair priced at $299 is far cheaper than the popular options on the market including ones by Logitech and Playseat. The racing chair is somewhat similar to the normal Playseat Challenge Black Actifit which is $70 cheaper. On this version, however, there are tilting pedal mount gear shift mounts that can be opted as extra accessories. Also, this new variant comes with an extra handle to adjust the position according to the user’s comfort.

The lightweight, foldable racing sim cockpit is compatible with all the Logitech G racing wheels and pedals including the Logitech G racing wheel and Logitech G Driving Force Shifter. If you already own them, this will be a worthy upgrade to the collection. Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition is made from a sturdy steel frame and comfort is a given with the breathable Actifit seat material. The seat can be adjusted to six levels for the ideal racing positions which is great if you are a serious racer. Also, they are mindful enough to provide the adjustable poles at the bottom to toggle the positioning of pedals to fit the leg length.

Logitech G has provided a carrying case with the package to easily stow the chair without any hassles. Weighting just 26 pounds makes the task easy we assume. If you want to use it as a regular chair, you can do it by unmounting the steering, pedals and gear shifter. The portable gaming chair in gunmetal color can be bought right away from Amazon or official retailers offline.

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