The World’s Smallest EDC Knife fits into a US Quarter Coin

Don’t accidentally spend this one…

Designed to be a covert little EDC you can literally slip into your wallet and have on your person at all times, the rather aptly named Quarter Cutter is a thumbnail-sized knife designed for emergencies and sudden conundrums. Crafted from Japanese steel, the circular blade fits squarely inside a quarter coin that’s sliced in half. A rubber o-ring sits around the rim and holds the two halves of the coin together, but pop it off and the two halves separate, revealing the tiny but handy blade underneath.

Designer: Uncrate Supply

The Quarter Cutter comes made from a standard US quarter coin, which definitely brings down the cost of materials, so to speak! Each coin is sliced in half before being outfitted with a sharp disc-shaped blade that’s perfect for opening boxes, cutting ropes, and even slicing open envelopes. One half of the coin serves as a small but easy-to-grip handle, while the other doubles as a sheath that fits the coin perfectly, being held together by that o-ring. Each Quarter Cutter is, rather fittingly, made in the USA… and contrary to its name, is priced at $39 USD. No, it isn’t TSA friendly, so remember to ditch it from your wallet if you’re planning on flying!