From lighter to heavy-duty igniter


Soto’s Pocket Torch turns your regular disposable lighter into a pretty serious blowtorch that burns at anywhere north of 2300°F. Simply designed to be a casing for your regular lighter (the cheap rectangular kind that come in packs of 10s, not any novelty lighter), the Pocket Torch creates a strong, wind-resistant, directional flame, great for pointing at objects you wish to ignite. The Pocket Torch even extends a lighter’s lifespan by 60%, and at just 0.3 ounces, is a must-have for camping trips, making setting up firewood and igniting it, especially in windy conditions, an absolute ‘breeze’! Heck, you could even use the Pocket Torch in the kitchen to sear steaks or toast those smores, meringues, or even make yourself a killer crème brûlée!

Designer: Soto

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