The Perfect Playground: Miniature Cityscape-shaped Furniture Designed for Inquisitive Cats

Cats are perhaps the most adaptable creatures around. They’re perfectly independent in the wild, have the same survival instincts in the urban jungle, and even when kept indoors, are just as capable of figuring stuff out. A lot of that boils down to the cat being an innately curious, hands-on animal that isn’t afraid to say no to a new challenge. Designed for these cats, the Mocats Multifunctional Cat Furniture lets indoor cats have a taste of the outdoor world. Shaped like a city skyline, the adaptable, modular furniture gives cats their own buildings, apartments, and roofs to explore and conquer. The modular design allows cat-parents to build out the kind of toy that fits their space perfectly. Undulating rooftops add a wonderful touch to the home’s decor, while providing a uniquely intricate piece of furniture for your cat to explore and rest in.

Designer: La Jato del Gato

The brains behind Mocats are a pair of architects and devoted cat owners who understand the delicate balance between feline comfort and human aesthetics. Their inspiration stems from the idea of creating adaptable spaces that cater to the ever-changing needs of cats and their owners. In short, when your cats grow in size or in numbers (or even when they get bored of the old layout), the Mocats can be expanded or altered to keep your furry friends engaged. These cat-scale spaces are built on the principles of flexibility and growth, ensuring that your pet’s furniture evolves with them.

Mocats takes the interaction between humans and cats to a new level. The act of assembling each module and configuring various circuits becomes a bonding experience between human and cat. Owners are given the freedom to choose the pieces and configurations that suit their lifestyle, enhancing the connection between them and their feline companions.

At the heart of Mocats is its modular design, which allows your cat to scratch, climb, hide, observe, sleep, and play to their heart’s content. But it doesn’t stop there – these eco-friendly furniture pieces seamlessly integrate into your home’s decor, adapting to your lifestyle and available spaces. Crafted from cardboard and plywood, Mocats utilizes a manufacturing process that excludes toxic additives, only relying on traditional fixtures like dowels and washers, and ensuring the safety and well-being of your pets. Digital design programs and laser cutting technology are employed to create precise templates and components, bringing down production costs while making assembly a breeze.

The Mocats Multifunctional Cat Furniture is a Silver Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2023.