Charmingly Minimalist Nightstand with a Bent Plywood Design holds your Books, Gadgets, and Essentials

Practically a master of his craft at this point, Teixeira’s ‘Cozy Night Stand’ showcases the designer’s creativity as well as bent plywood’s versatility with a block-ish form that’s still incredibly functional. The nightstand features a drawer for bulky items, a nook for hideaway essentials like your laptop, a flat tabletop surface for your phone, bedside clock, and glass of water, and a nifty wedge-shaped storage area for books, magazines, etc. Designed to hold all your essentials, the Cozy still manages to look minimal without abstracting or combining features and details into one form. With the Cozy’s bent plywood construction, there’s still space for nuance while looking slick and lightweight.

Designer: Teixeira Design Studio

You can position the Cozy Nightstand with either its iconic profile facing the front, or with the drawer (which is on the side) facing the front. Having the drawer on the front does take away the charm of the Cozy’s serpentine upper half, but lets you pack furniture into your room without leaving space for the drawer to open.

The drawer aside, the nightstand also has a nook to store essentials, along with the tabletop surface itself for keeping items like your glass of water, smartphone, charger, spectacle case, contact lenses, etc. A wedge on the side lets you keep books you may be reading or important documents you need to have with you for your WFH. Meanwhile, the extreme end of the wedge doubles as a pretty useful headphone stand or even a bookmark, should you choose to drape your open book over the table’s end!

The entire table is fabricated from curved sheets of plywood, giving the Cozy Nightstand a lightweight design and a rounded appeal that you don’t usually get from boxy plywood furniture pieces. Bent plywood is usually perceived as a budget material, but through Teixeira’s explorations, the Portuguese designer has uplifted its perception, building an entire movement of fluid yet functional pieces of haute furniture with them. You can check out all his work here.