The Ultimate Task Chair For Your Home Office Is Designed Using The Insight Of Wheelchair Users

We often underestimate the importance of finding the right office chair. When in reality we really shouldn’t. We spend the majority of our day sitting on chairs, whether we’re working in our home office or a corporate one. Hence, this piece of furniture needs to be not only comfortable but ergonomic, and aesthetic as well. These innovative chair designs are not only a boon to your back, and help you maintain a healthy posture, but are also super comfy to sink into, and will perfectly match the interiors of your modern office. And, one such excellent design is the Anthros Task Chair,

Designer: Anthros

Besides being ergonomic and comfortable, the perfect office chair should also provide maximum flexibility. Since people differ in sizes and preferences, it’s important for the chair to be able to cater to the needs of different people. A variety of modifications must be made available. Anthros has spent quite a lot of time working with wheelchair users, so they know how important the right seating is. They utilized this experience to create a new and improved modern task chair.

Anthros designed this task chair with a completely new approach. They utilized scientific evidence and research to create a task chair that not only supports your productivity, but minimizes pain points, and improves your posture. The Anthros task chair has been registered with the FDA as an official orthotic device to align your body correctly while sitting. The task chair features quite a few impressive features such as an adjustable two-back system to support different body shapes and sizes, as well as a lower support for the base of your spine. It has been equipped with 4D armrests to adjust the height, pivot angle, depth, and weight to create a completely modifiable experience.

The chair is made in the USA and has a 12-year limited warranty. It can be assembled within 5 minutes! Also, Anthros is helping the people who helped them design the chair – the disabled community. 100% of the proceeds raised by the Anthros Foundation will be given to disabled communities from all over the world.