Reimagined 1950s Bar Stool Is Inspired By A…Mosquito

I’m at a point in my life where I’m team stools over chairs, and I truly believe stools deserve to be given way more credit than they get. Stools are often overlooked, maybe because they occupy minimum space, and aren’t really overbearing. But these traits are what make stools so great in my opinion! I mean, they’re compact, and a great space-saving furniture option for our modern homes. They are also super portable. So, we’ve found a stool that provides a healthy seating experience while also packing a punch with its good looks – the Mosquito Bar Stool.

Designer: Rex Kralj

Say hello to the peculiarly named ‘Mosquito Barstool’! The original Mosquito chair was designed by mid-century designer and architect Niko Kralj and Slovenian brand Rex Kralj has reimagined it as a contemporary wooden bar stool. The Mosquito Bar Stool has the same plywood seat as the 1953 Mosquito Chair, which was one of its distinguished features. This seat has a unique and signature “winged form” that mimics the bodies of the flying insects, hence giving the stool its quirky name.

The frame of the stool is built using the using same plywood as the folded seat, giving the entire design a uniform and unified theme. The plywood is available with either a natural or dark-stained finish, which is further accentuated by a slender footrest made from stainless steel. Rex Kralj says that the Mosquito Bar Stool was developed by art director Bart Schilder “to fulfill the potential of Niko Kralj’s original designs”.

“By virtue of the seat’s winged form, the Mosquito Chair is celebrated as one of Niko Kralj’s most inventive designs,” said the Ljubljana-based brand, which was founded in 2012 to honor the work of Kralj. Composed in 1953 by Niko Kralj, the Mosquito chair went into production only recently thanks to the efforts of Rex Kralj.” And there is truly something quite inviting and welcoming about the Mosquito bar stool despite its eccentric form and intriguing seat. It’s the kind of bar stool that makes you want to sit on it, relax and nurse a drink or two for yourself if you somehow completely manage to ignore its name!