Orka Two makes it natural for users to wear and use these minimal hearing aids

I’ve never tried wearing a hearing aid but I’ve seen some relatives having to deal with aural problems by wearing these devices. They seem mostly bulky and hard to wear regularly that’s why some of them choose to remove them at times (although they might also want a bit of peace and quiet?). So when wireless earbuds started becoming popular, we knew it was only a matter of time before hearing aid makers started adapting some of the properties and features of these gadgets.

Designer: Hiorka

The Orka Two is a hearing aid that looks and feels more like a pair of wireless earbuds and this seems to be for the better for those who need help to have healthier hearing. The ergonomic and aesthetic design will actually encourage those who have previously been wary of wearing a device like this to finally get a hearing aid. It is pretty lightweight and has a “gentle curve” that will ensure the user’s comfort even when they wear it for a long time. It is also colored white which is apparently the most inclusive color, fitting with its simple, minimalist design. The charging case that comes with is also pretty easy to use and the hearing aid can be placed flat in the case instead of upright.

Features-wise, it has some new things that can help those with hearing problems communicate and adapt better with their surroundings. The AI DeNoise technology minimizes background noise and enhances speech clarity so the user gets a more natural hearing experience. It also has an Environmental Classifier that fine tunes the sounds around the user. The charging case has a built-in power bank so you can charge on the go and it also comes with controls so you don’t need a smartphone app to adjust the volume. It can also be connected to smart devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops and you can easily switch between devices.

The Orka Two doesn’t seem to want to complicate things for the user but at the same time brings several updated technology features to make life easier for those with hearing problems. You get simple controls in the case itself but you can also personalize features through the Orka Health app. The fact also that it seems to be non-intrusive and simple to put on and take off will also help those who need it the most to get into wearing hearing aids to improve their life.