A colorful version of the classic Contax G2 camera can be yours for $8,300

In another case of everything old is new again, we’re seeing a trend of digital cameras becoming popular with the younger generation. While of course most people still use their smartphone’s camera to take pics and videos, there are still those who prefer to bring around actual cameras to capture selfies, moments, landscapes, and other imagery. So we’re seeing a welcome resurgence of these kinds of cameras and accessories. Back “in the day” (and we mean the late 90s to early 2000s), the Contax G2 was one of the most advanced rangefinder cameras and now we’re seeing a reimagined design for this “classic”.

Designer: MAD Paris and Casablanca

The MAD Casablanca Contax G2 Camera is a colorful reimagining of this classic digital camera by MAD Paris and Casablanca. Instead of just the classic black, silver, and gray from the original version, we now get a color-blocked design that showcases the brands’ distinctive looks. You get blocks of green, yellow, blue, and red with occasional black and silver colors as well and the signature diamond logo branding to top it off. The camera gets a hand-applied ceramic multi-colored coating finishing.

In terms of the features, you still get what the Contax G2 is famous for. That includes the Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2 lens, the 35mm autofocus, a four-frame-per-second integrated motor drive, up to 1/6000 per second shutter speeds, etc. When you purchase the set, it also includes a CR123A battery, neck strap, and a Superia Premium 400 film roll. The camera itself uses plastic, aluminum, and glass materials.

While the original Contax G2 was manufactured in Japan, this version was created in the U.K and is a limited edition only. For now, it’s actually sold out on the Casablanca Paris website but hopefully, they are able to produce more. Well, you would have to spend $8,300 to have one of these babies so the fact that they have already sold out means a lot of people are willing to spend that much to be able to have a colorful version of this classic camera.