Monitor and keyboard contraption lets you work standing or sitting

Now that we’re almost back to “normal” or at least some semblance of it, it looks like a lot of the world’s workforce is once again sitting in front of their desk. This means that we spend around 6-8 hours a day in a sedentary position since we’re working in front of screens. One thing that has been suggested over time is to stand up every once in a while and walk around or at least stand up while working. A standing desk is one of the useful things that you can get but if you don’t want to buy a new one, there are some alternatives available out there.

Designer: Humanscale Design Studio

There are accessories now available that can turn your regular working desk into a standing desk when you need it. The QuickStand Lite is one of those that you can get, provided you have the budget for your home office or your workplace can get one for you. Basically, it’s a monitor stand that you can adjust to the height that you want if you’re standing. It also has an arm where you can place your keyboard so you don’t need to crouch or bend when you need to type things.

The stand has a counterbalance so you can lower or raise the device depending on what height you need it to be. You will also be able to adjust the monitor height and the keyboard platform independent of each other so you’ll be able to be comfortable with the eye levels and arm levels of your workspace. This is also pretty useful for those that use large monitors for their dual or maybe even multiple screens.

While the price is pretty steep for something that you’ll just add to your existing desk, it is pretty useful and buying it can force you to do some standing work every once in a while. It may also be less expensive than buying a separate desk for your standing needs.