This hubless e-bike for urban environment rides just as smooth as it looks!

Living in a big city without a car sometimes means compromise. A trip to the grocery store might take a measly five minutes by car, but it’s another story on foot. That’s why electric bikes have risen in popularity amongst city dwellers. Practically at each intersection, whether you’re in Los Angeles or Paris, rows of charged-up city bikes wait patiently to hit the streets. It’s always tempting to unlock one, with the sun beating down as the walk to the grocery reaches almost an hour. It’s no wonder, Victor Tabares, a designer based in bustling Barcelona, felt inspired to design and produce OOH BIKE.

Since this e-bike retains its pedaling capabilities, most of the standout features from OOH BIKE are integrated into the bicycle itself. Just within the cyclist’s periphery vision, the battery levels are displayed along the top of the bicycle’s frame. Lit-up, neon lights signify the bicycle’s battery levels by the quarter. The front wheel on the OOH BIKE is entirely hubless, producing a metropolitan finished look that gives an otherwise integrated and functional bike some style. Additionally, the spokeless front helps rotate the wheel quickly and with little effort. While centerless wheels are primarily, it seems, an aesthetic decision, they do work well in city environments.

Centerless wheels promote torque, quickening the brake’s response time, so you can stealthily slink your way through your city’s traffic lights and cross-sections. Between the handlebars, a mini screen from Brose Drive, an automotive supplier that develops sensor systems for electric bikes, displays menu options, speed, and other digital information that’s easily accessible during any ride. Whether you’re on the cobblestoned avenues of London or riding along the earthquake-ridden pavement of San Francisco, OOH BIKE’s adjustable seat and integrated cable system make it the ideal, sleek bike for any city dweller.

Designer: Victor Tabares