Bird-Inspired Speaker Wakes You up to the Sounds of nature in your Urban Homes

Doesn’t your jarring smartphone alarm annoy you every morning? Don’t you just want to throw your phone away and wish we were on some vacation in some peaceful cottage? We always crave some hint of nature and serenity in our urban lives. Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of birds singing, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere that instantly lifts your spirits. Whistle, a revolutionary speaker, aims to turn your mornings into a delightful experience by replacing mundane smartphone alarms with the sweet serenade of nature.

Designer: Eunsu Lee

The inspiration for Whistle came from a personal experience of the designer, during a trip to Singapore. While staying at a hotel, he had the pleasure of waking up to the gentle melody of birdsong. This unique encounter left a lasting impression, as it offered a refreshing and invigorating start to the day. It was this memory that led to the creation of Whistle, a product designed to bring the joy of waking up to the sound of birds singing to everyone’s mornings.

The conventional smartphone alarms we rely on often shock us awake or force us to engage in a battle of snoozes, making it difficult to start the day on a positive note. Amidst all the preexisting stress for the upcoming day, we surely don’t want our very own smartphones to add to it. In contrast, the sounds of nature, particularly birdsong, have been proven to have a calming effect and alleviate stress-related anxiety, OCD symptoms, and depression. Whistle aims to harness the power of nature sounds to provide a more peaceful and pleasant morning wake-up experience.

Whistle offers a range of four product lineups, each designed to create a harmonious mood while considering user experience and various usage scenarios. The flagship product is the Whistle Speaker, a smart device with a detachable battery. Its versatility allows it to be easily attached to other products in the lineup, such as the Branch LED light, enhancing convenience and functionality.

Whistle speaker & battery

Setting alarms with the Whistle speaker’s application is a breeze. The intuitive user interface allows you to select your desired bird sound, ensuring a customized and enjoyable wake-up experience. The beak-shaped silicone button, known as the Action button, enables seamless operation for functions like pairing, power on/off, and play/pause. The hidden LED inside the fabric filter provides intuitive feedback on the speaker’s current function.

Equipped with three built-in speakers, the Whistle speaker delivers a rich stereo sound experience. The speaker’s back features touch buttons for volume control and a pairing reset button. To ensure portability and extended usage, the bottom battery pack securely attaches to the speaker with magnets, transforming the unit into a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It can be conveniently charged via USB-C cable or wirelessly on the bottom of the battery pack.

The design of the Whistle products draws inspiration from the vibrant and natural colors of birds. The minimalistic white packaging incorporates color stickers for indications, reducing waste and promoting environmental consciousness.

Whistle Nest

In addition to the Whistle speaker, the product line includes Whistle_Nest, a wireless charging pad resembling a bird’s nest. It allows for easy charging of the battery pack and features a hidden LED indicator that fills the space with an EGG icon when charging is complete. The Nest has a vent hole with a patterned bottom to prevent overheating and includes rubber pads to ensure stability and prevent slipping.

Whistle Branch

Another member of the Whistle family is Whistle_Branch, an LED lighting fixture designed with a bird perched on a tree branch as its motif. The Branch lighting can function independently or be paired with the speaker, creating a synergistic effect. This versatile product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, bringing a touch of nature-inspired ambiance to any space.

The Branch lighting features an electrode on the top, allowing it to connect and dock with the speaker. Users can easily control the lighting through the application. Manual control of the on/off and brightness is also possible using the dot located on top of the light. The stand base doubles as a tray, showcasing the cute logo, and the power supply is via a Type-C connection.

The Branch can be used as a standalone lighting fixture without the stand, making it ideal for various settings. The components of Branch include the main LED, a stand base, two stand poles, and a camping stand pack pole, ensuring flexibility for different scenarios.

Whether you use Whistle in your bedroom or take it on outdoor adventures, it seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. Combined with the Branch lighting, it creates an inviting ambiance for your home or serves as a perfect companion on camping trips. The versatility of Whistle enhances your picnic experience, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and fun time with minimal baggage.

Whistle has reimagined the morning wake-up experience by incorporating the soothing sounds of nature allowing you to start your day feeling refreshed and uplifted. Embrace the joyful serenade of birdsong and make every morning a delightful experience with Whistle, your faithful morning mate. However, the core idea of replacing it with smartphone alarms cannot be a selling point as the sounds can always be downloaded on any smartphone without an extra expense. Having said that, the visual appeal and thought would surely attract the majority of the population.