A foldable mini stove that fits in your hiking pants!

Have you seen Tiny Kitchen videos? A student industrial designer, Elad Achi, took Tiny Kitchen’s stove up several notches and that is how Katipo was created. Katipo is a foldable outdoor gas stove that can fit in the palm of your hand. Imagine the weight and space that can be saved when you go camping or backpacking with Katipo instead of usual outdoor stoves.

Katipo got its name because its shape and form resembles that of a Katipo spider. It is an Australian redback spider that is small in size with long legs that bend at angles which inspired the stove’s own leg stand and tiny size. The Katipo is a stainless steel stove that folds into a portable size of 50 mm wide and 120 mm long, and when opened it is 180 mm in diameter. “Each leg has a cutting edge that stops its motion by a stopper pin and opens to the angle of 120° and thus produces an equal opening to them all perfectly” explains Elad Achi. Apart from the product proportions, even the colors of the stove were inspired by the spider’s red and black body. The stove’s red and black look comes from a ceramic-based color that is heat resistant.

It is the perfect size when you want to go on a long hike or camp in nature and have warm meals. The stove may be small but it is a powerful outdoor trip essential and something to keep you cozy under the stars.

Designer: Elad Achi

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