These spaghetti-inspired benches embody fun, freedom and chaos!

French-Argentine designer Pablo Reinoso created two series of benches with one goal in mind, that they should be free-flowing, fun and fluid. And Spaghetti and Garabatos are exactly that! Inspired by my favorite type of pasta, spaghetti, Reinoso adopted the neutral form of public benches for both the series and transformed them into playful works of art. Reinoso’s benches are quite universal, owing to their ability to merge with outdoor and indoor spaces. You could spot them in a park, or even a museum! They’re intriguingly versatile.

Designer: Pablo Reinoso for Carpenters Workshop Gallery

The Spaghetti benches start off as your usual beige-colored wooden benches, the ones you might find in your local park. However, the structures extend into curvy elongated branches, free of their functionality as benches, and soar towards the sky. The benches go beyond ordinary pieces of furniture, and in turn transform into expressions of freedom and exploration, or as Reinoso says an instance of “giving free rein to your whims”.

The Garabatos collection maintains the spirit of playfulness and liberty as well, however, Reinoso chose a matte black aesthetic for it. Twisting and spiraling, the Garbatos benches occupy a large amount of space and would be ideal for public places. They have an element of chaos to them, something that differentiates them from the Spaghetti benches, however, I must add that at certain angles they do look like crawling spiders! Yikes!

But beyond their spaghetti-and-spidery-like aesthetics, Reinoso’s benches truly are masterpieces. At first glance, they instill a feeling of wonder and amusement within you, and you can’t help but run over and grab a seat!