A smart air purifier that detects and alters your traffic experience to make it stress-free

Traffic is a phenomenon that we all experience daily! Sounds like a nightmare right? Traffic has such adverse effects on our bodies and minds that there is a defined term for it; The Post Traffic Congestion Effect. This suggests that commuters experience negative emotions which can affect their daily lives.

FRI is meant to tackle this problem and assist commuters in meeting this task, as a reduction in traffic is not a reasonable expectation. Otherwise, the air purifier aids in the development of an emotional control system and lowers stress.

Designer: Ian JIA 贾天浩

Traffic is an unavoidable aspect of our everyday life. It has grown dramatically as people desire privacy and want to purchase their own cars and travel independently. Such mindsets contribute to traffic, which causes stress because it is frequently worse than expected, you are running late, or you are simply exhausted after work and can’t wait to get home.

FRI concentrates on odor, visual effects, and emotional recognition. These would enable commuters to create an emotional control system, as well as relieve and address bad emotions. FRI might be an air purifier in everyday contexts to accomplish ‘no labeling of things’. FRI also comes with a companion App, allowing it to play a useful role in everyday life.

Fri is a 3D-printed product made of resin, the regular shape allows more space for internal features. However, the fillets and curves have been designed to achieve a more ‘relaxed’ feel. It features 2 PCB modules, 1 micro motor, 1 LED module for the sunset and sunrise effects, and 2 humidifying modules to make a light and fresh environment.

FRI is not meant to be a cold emotion detection system. It’s more like a friend who can be there for you and prompt and assist you in managing your emotions. The FRI is equipped with a high-definition camera for emotion detection, which detects the driver’s emotions and prompts and assists the driver in regulating their bad thoughts. The time display function is used to divert attention away from the camera.

This product is intended to be used daily to normalize negative emotions and avoid treating drivers as victims. A car air purifier is a highly common and necessary product, and it also conforms to its design purpose of sensing and easing emotional signs. When negative emotions are detected, the humidification mode is engaged, and the odor can be discharged through the exhaust vents. Simultaneously, the lighting module may create a calming environment by simulating the effect of sunrise and sunset.

The product can be operated via an app. It contains a reward system where drivers can accumulate several ‘good drives’ to get a free aroma.