Tiny PhoneCLIP lets you have an adjustable and balanced phone stand

These days, having a phone stand is not just a want but actually a necessity. Aside from taking selfies or doing vlogs, it’s also needed for when you’re on online meetings, video calls, or even just watching videos in public. There are a lot of different kinds of phone stands available in the market but some are too bulky, some are not made from quality materials and some don’t adjust to the size of the device. It would be great if there are more truly portable stands available for both content creators and regular phone users.

Designer: Gokhan Cetinkaya

PhoneCLIP MAX is a truly portable phone stand made through the CNC machine method and made from aluminum. What makes it different from most of the stands in the market is that it allows adjustable angles so you can move it around as needed. It also has a balancing mechanism that keeps the center of gravity and your phone is able to be repositioned when you adjust it to different angles. If you need to attach it to a stand or tripod, it also comes with 1/4″ and 3/8″ universal thread.

We assume that no matter the size of your phone, this small stand will be able to carry the weight and adjust accordingly according to the angle you need. They also have other models available for your budget or feature needs. The PhoneCLIP is a plastic model while the PhoneCLIP PRO is a “durable CNC machined model”. However, these two other models don’t have the built-in stand feature and is just a phone holder. All three models have the 1/4″ universal thread so you can mount it on any compatible stand or tripod. The PhoneCLIP MAX is the only one that has the 3/8″ universal thread option.

The fact that this is tiny enough to put in your pocket or small bag is a distinct advantage over the bulkier stands available in the market. Of course if you’re a vlogger, you still need to carry around other stands or tripods that you need but for those of that just to watch videos or do a quick video call while outside, this tiny phone stand will do.