This tiny wallet-sized card clipper EDC accurately measures objects while boasting a bare 0.3mm thickness

Eiger Tools has come to the rescue of all DIYers and tradesmen who struggle with the odds when they don’t have the measuring tools handy. This happens when you’re on the move and traveling light. But as a seasoned hobbyist, you should always have your tools on you and just to facilitate that, we have the groundbreaking new wallet-size card calliper from Eiger Tools; Japanese creators who recently floored us with its 8-in-1 compact multitool in scissors disguise.

This ingeniously designed card clipper is thinner than credit cards and boasts the ability to measure an object’s inside or outside diameter with ease. Whether you’re a dedicated DIYer or a seasoned tradesman, this compact marvel is here to revolutionize your measurement game.

Designer: Eiger Tools 

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Crafted from stainless steel with a remarkable thickness of just 0.3mm, Eiger Tools’ card calliper is truly a marvel of engineering. Not only is it incredibly thin, but it also features markings in both inches and millimeters. This makes it the world’s first calliper equipped with dual scales.

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Measuring the depth of an object

With the thinnest card clipper in the wallet, you can bid farewell to the frustration of juggling between different tools of measurement. The benefits of this innovative card calliper extend beyond its sleek design and dual-scale functionality. Imagine the convenience of accurately measuring nuts, bolts, and pipes without the need for bulky equipment.

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Measuring a curved object

Measurements in narrow areas are challenging for traditional callipers, rendering them inadequate for certain tasks. The 0.3mm thickness of this card calliper enables it to reach areas that were previously inaccessible. Whether you’re dealing with intricate machinery or tight-fitting components, this slender can reach it all.

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Measuring the inside of a part

Using the card calliper is a breeze. Similar to conventional callipers, you clamp the object between the arms to measure its diameter or length accurately. This feature makes the card calliper an invaluable companion when visiting a DIY shop to purchase screws or when undertaking maintenance tasks on your vehicle, where measuring nuts and bolts can be done seamlessly.

Eiger Tools’ card calliper doesn’t stop at measuring length and diameter; need to measure the depth of an object? No problem. Want to determine edge-to-edge lengths? Consider it done. Even curved lengths pose no challenge to this mighty tool. Its versatility is boundless!

Eiger Tools offer the card clipper in a brass carrying case. The case protects the card calliper’s edges while providing a stylish storage solution. Eiger Tools has launched a Kickstarter campaign, giving early adopters the opportunity to be among the first to own this game-changing tool. The super early bird price is set at ¥5,985 (approximately $40). Join the revolution and embrace the future of measurement.