Organic Seat of Sharpness

Let me introduce you to this lovely, organic chair. I say organic because of the aesthetic of the whole thing. Look at it! Or rather, look at them, there’s more than one. This is the “Zeren Chair” designed by Njegos Lakic of Belgrade. The Zeren Chair is characterized by it’s low weight, thin structure, and high hardness. Each of these chairs is made of magnesium and wood and magic. It reminds me rather of something the master surrealist artist H.R. Giger would make.

A lot less scary, though, thank goodness.

These chairs would look severely amazing in something like a modern art gallery, modern collectable toy store, design office, anything like that. Probably not for your living room… unless you’re really hardcore.

An all-around wicked and beautiful looking chair, I must say.

Designer: Njegos Lakic