Every Stalker’s Dream

Digital cameras will continue to get smaller and smaller so long as technology successfully miniaturizes high quality optics. The Canon Snap concept is a look into what a future device might look like. The Snap is tiny enough to wear on your finger yet powerful enough to give today’s bigger cameras a run for their money. The single button interface makes it easy to take a picture at a whim’s moment. perfect for your stalker tendencies. Com’on now, you know you’ve got it in you. We all do.

Designer: David Münscher


  • Jeong kyun-Nam says:

    It looks good for everyone.

    Especially, it is need for someone like me who don’t want to miss momentary shot.

    It’s cool.

  • Alexandre says:

    Oui pas pire, mais combien a t’il de méga pixel?…sa capacité de photos est de combien? c’est bien beau comme gadget mais en vaux-t-il vraiment la pienne?

    SVP Donner plus d’information sur l’appareil!


    • Kyle says:

      les micro sd de 16gb sont aujourd’hui normaux et on pourais les metre dans cette appareille sans trop de peine, meme chose avec le nombre de megapixel, dans les plus petites de telephone on trouve encore des cameras de 5mp ou plus.

  • Will says:

    definitely a cool and practical design. I would totally feel like James Bond using this. One issue I would ssee is not being able to know exactly what it’s pointed at since there’s no screen like in bigger cameras. Good luck with the momentary shots when you can’t take the time to aim your hand right at it.

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