Upgrade Your WFH With This Clever Detachable Mobile Table That Lets You “Work From Anywhere”

The reality for a lot of people is that Work From Home honestly really means Work From Bed or Work From Couch. Not everyone has the right work setup in their homes – most homes are either too small, or people find themselves moving too often, which really makes owning a massive table and an ergonomic work chair a little difficult. People like being nomads, and everyone agrees that productivity comes from the right mindset, not the right table… although having a table does help! Designed for this unique lifestyle, the Hitch is a mobile table that travels wherever you go. Built for space-saving homes and a hybrid, nomadic lifestyle, the Hitch is a table that either plugs right into the wall when you need a dedicated workspace, or plugs out and moves around with you when you need to work from your couch, bed, kitchen, balcony, or your RV. Its clever design puts your freedom and flexibility at the forefront, allowing you to have a table that doesn’t occupy too much space at home, and can move around with you and keep up with your versatility!

Designers: Ritha Chan & Brad Springer

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 ($100 off and free shipping within USA).

Hitch is a mobile desk system that provides the freedom and flexibility you need to harmonize life and work.

The Hitch Mobile Workspace can be broadly split into two distinct parts – the large wooden Workspace, and the ‘Hitch’ itself, which is a sleek plugging mechanism that fits on any wall. Measuring 24 inches wide and 15 inches deep, the Workspace is perfect for a laptop, mouse, phone, power bank, and even a cup of coffee. Its bamboo ply construction has a wonderful wood grain while keeping the Workspace light, resilient, and surprisingly water-resistant. Underneath the bamboo ply is a 16 gauge coated steel sheet that gives the Workspace its solid strength, allowing it to easily take up to 50 lbs of weight without breaking a sweat.

Change how you work. Stand, sit, or lounge effortlessly.

However, the entire mobile setup’s secret sauce lies in the ‘Hitch’, a slick metal block that screws securely into any wall, allowing you to ‘hitch’ your Workspace to the wall for a wall-mounted tabletop surface. Built with a patented design that lets you simply plug or unplug your Workspace in a matter of seconds, the Hitch’s beauty lies in its remarkable engineering. When not in use, it sits flat against your wall, occupying just about the same amount of real estate as a power outlet board. Plug the Workspace in and it grips it securely, giving you a robust cantilever desk that’s capable of 50lbs of weight, so you could use it for working, taking quick meetings, keeping planters, or just a quick work area for workshop tools, DIY projects, sorting camera equipment, etc.

This overall simplicity also translates perfectly to how the Hitch is installed. Each Hitch comes with a set of screws and a spirit level that helps you mount the metallic Hitch module perfectly on the wall. The bamboo workspace plugs in horizontally, giving you a neat wall-mounted desk, and can be carried around with you and placed on your lap so you can work anywhere. Want to store the Workspace somewhere when you don’t need it? A ‘Simple Stow’ version of the Hitch comes with magnets that let you snap the Workspace vertically against the wall, saving space when it’s not in use. Each Hitch bundle comes with one Workspace and one Hitch module, although you can modify your pledge two include two Hitch modules, letting you plug your Workspace in different parts of your house for even more flexibility and freedom! The Hitch bundle starts at $179 for the regular version, and $199 for the version with the magnetic Simple Stow feature. US backers get free shipping, with pledges being fulfilled as soon as August 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 ($100 off and free shipping within USA).