Chess gets an inclusive makeover with this playful yet engaging chess set

The visually impaired face numerous challenges in their daily lives, often struggling with independent activities and missing out on the simple joys that others take for granted. Social isolation becomes a prevalent issue, depriving them of meaningful connections and shared experiences. However, an empathetic designer has emerged, determined to make board games accessible to all individuals, by incorporating the language of the blind – braille – into the game. Dot Chess is a remarkable example of this inclusive design, aiming to bridge the gap and provide an opportunity for the visually impaired to showcase their skills and intelligence just like everyone else.

Designer: Hyunjae Noh

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One of the primary objectives of Dot Chess is to improve the accessibility of gameplay for the visually impaired, thereby combatting social isolation. By introducing chess, a universally loved game that stimulates the mind and fosters intelligence, this evolution seeks to alleviate the isolation often experienced by the visually impaired. Dot Chess enables both visually impaired and non-visually impaired individuals to engage in the game together, sharing diverse experiences, understanding one another, building intimacy, and ultimately developing empathy.

Dot Chess is a unique form of chess that appeals to three senses and can be enjoyed by both visually impaired and non-visually impaired individuals. The game utilizes a combination of color and braille on its pieces, making them easily recognizable by players of all abilities. The strategic use of color and upper and lower case indicators in braille allows both players to distinguish their own pieces from those of their opponents. Moreover, each piece is represented in both the alphabet and braille, facilitating easy identification of each piece’s role for both groups.


The board of Dot Chess incorporates NFC (Near Field Communication) chips within each chess piece, enabling the board to recognize their movement. This movement is then displayed in braille on the Dot pad through piezo actuators. This ingenious feature empowers visually impaired individuals to immediately understand the progress of the game, read their opponent’s moves, and develop strategies accordingly. By providing real-time feedback through braille, Dot Chess ensures an inclusive gaming experience for everyone involved.

During gameplay, important information such as an invalid move or a checkmate is conveyed through a speaker located on the side of the game board. This functionality ensures that both visually impaired and non-visually impaired players can receive information audibly, thereby enjoying an immersive and engaging gaming experience. By incorporating voice guidance, Dot Chess eliminates barriers and allows all players to stay informed and fully participate in the game.

Dot Chess is a testament to the power of inclusive design. By incorporating braille, color, and audio feedback, this remarkable board game empowers the visually impaired to participate in the intellectually stimulating game of chess, previously deemed inaccessible to them. Beyond the game itself, Dot Chess fosters inclusivity, empathy, and connection between visually impaired and non-visually impaired individuals. It showcases the potential for design to break down barriers, foster understanding, and create a more inclusive society. Dot Chess is a significant step toward a world where everyone can engage in activities and experiences, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.