The Panthevm Roma Watch pays tribute to the Roman Architecture of the Pantheon Dome

If you aren’t one of the many American men on TikTok who think about the Roman Empire on a daily basis, the Panthevm Roma definitely will get you there. Inspired by the timeless design of the Pantheon dome, the Roma watch comes with a gorgeous 3D dial featuring the radial design seen on the underside of the dome that was constructed back in 125 AD.

Designer: Panthevm

The Pantheon in Rome, Italy has a dome that is 142 feet (43.30 meters) in diameter and 71 feet (22 meters) high. It was the world’s largest dome for 1,300 years and still remains the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. The trick lies in the fact that it was made in a staggered manner, with heavier materials like travertine used at the base of the dome, and lighter ones like porous volcanic rock on the top. A signature element of the dome remains its oculus, a 27-foot-wide hole on the top that lets a shaft of light in, illuminating the entire chamber naturally, along with the different pockets in the dome’s radial inner concavity. It’s these pockets that find themselves on the Panthevm Roma’s dial, with the oculus being where the watch hands emanate from.

The Roma collection features a classic design that goes well with the timeless nature of the Italian aesthetic. In short, it’s got a bit of history and modern times imbued in it, much like how Italian architecture and automobiles co-exist and complement each other on the streets of the bustling city of Rome.

The Roma watch comes with a body crafted from 316L Stainless Steel, with that 3D dial in the middle surrounded by linear markings lined with Superluminova (along with the hour and minute hands). There’s a date window at the 3 o’clock position that unfortunately doesn’t line up with the 3D Pantheon dome design on the dial and it’s making my eyelid twitch but that might be the only glaring OCD-triggering part of this otherwise elegant timepiece. Finally, a sapphire crystal sits on the top of the watch, offering a clear view of the dial while also rendering the Roma 20ATM water-resistant.

Although the watch is rather unapologetically Roman, with the Pantheon detail, Roman numerals around the bezel, and the word Panthevm written in the Latin style, its heart is Japanese. Underneath the surface lies the Panthevm Roma’s Seiko Automatic movement, a 24-jewel movement with a 41-hour power reserve.

The watch debuted on Kickstarter and Indiegogo back in 2020, unveiled in 5 different colored variants. Patrons can also choose between metal, leather, or rubber straps to customize their timepiece.

Early editions of the watch were marked with a serial number counting down from 753 B.C. – the year Rome was founded.