Shoes of the Centipede

Flex your toes in these bad boys, I tell you soccer players all over the world. Football players! I meant to say that. The ball is round, and you kick it across the field into the goal. That game. Put these shoes on for it. These are the Umbro “Centipax” shoes, a concept by Tobin Dorn. It’s an outsole design that absorbs the impact of everything using injected EVA and makes you fly above the ground with super speed. Lightweight, flex grooves in the heel, distribution of impact. Inspired by the creepiest crawliest insect in the world, the trillion legged centipede.

I’m sure you’re aware of the fabulous natural powers of the centipede, the fiercest animal in the insect kingdom. It’s got a billion legs, it’s got to keep its footwear fresh! And with these Centipax soles, it’s got as much distribution of impact from the outside as its own magnificent body.

Designer: Tobin Dorn

Umbro Centipax soccer shoes by Tobin Dorn