MOFT’s latest Smart Desk Mat lets you easily set up and organize a portable, angle-adjustable workspace with all your devices

The MOFT Smart Desk Mat turns your entire workspace into a MagSafe productivity dream. The mat’s magnetic surface can be adjusted at any angle, and supports a variety of magnetic modules from holders for your laptop and tablet to your smartwatch, charging cables, Apple Pencil, AirPods, and even books. The magnetic mat helps you effectively organize your workspace in a way that boosts productivity and encourages versatility… and like all of MOFT’s products, it folds flat into a slim surface that you can easily carry around with you.

Designer: Julianna He

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You’ve got to really admire how MOFT took their one idea and transformed it into an entire company with an ecosystem of productivity designs. It all started back in 2019 with MOFT’s Invisible Laptop Stand – a slim panel that sat at the bottom of your laptop, opening out into a multi-angle stand for your laptop. Cut to 2021 and the company’s now built out a wide range of tools based on their initial idea – including an invisible tablet stand, invisible magnetic stands/grips for your smartphone, and even a foldable folio that transforms into a standing desk. It’s easy to see how all those products culminated in the Smart Desk Mat, which instead of supporting a single product like a laptop or a tablet, supports your entire workspace.

The Smart Desk Mat’s spacious surface and its ecosystem of modules let you build out your workspace just the way you want it, around a main device like a laptop/notebook/tablet. Auxiliary objects like the Apple Pencil and AirPods and your MagSafe iPhone snap right onto the mat’s magnet-friendly surface, while MOFT’s series of modules let you even organize/attach items like Post-it notes, cables, smartwatches, etc.

What MOFT’s managed to do with the Smart Desk Mat is give the modern workspace a facelift. The Smart Desk Mat helps you meticulously organize your workspace, lets you prop the entire desk up at an angle for easy access too, and lets you easily adapt and modify your new “desk” setup based on the objects you need. The Smart Desk Mat even makes the workspace portable, so you could prop it up on your WFH table, your dining table, your lap, or even set your desk up on a table at your local café.

The Smart Desk Mat is constructed from the same unique materials as the rest of MOFT’s products, boasting a combination of strength and slimness. While setting your workspace up, two NFC chips built into the edge of your Smart Desk Mat let you easily tap your phone to enter “work mode”. You can program the NFC chips to snooze all non-work apps and notifications (known as Focus Mode on iOS), or basically tap to log into your work apps like Slack/Asana/Skype/Pomodoro.

Additional modules let you dock the rest of your devices and peripherals, like your MacBook, or your iPad (in Portrait or Landscape), or even your phone (along with MOFT’s wireless charging module and a magnetic sticker for your phone). MOFT’s accessories also include cable organizers, book holders, memo holders, a magnetic dock for your Apple Watch, and most importantly, a soft magnetic cushion that lets you comfortably set the Smart Desk Mat up on your lap while working.

How you use the Smart Desk Mat is entirely up to you – given that MOFT built it out to be an incredibly versatile product. You could use it as your main workspace, with a laptop or a tablet + wireless keyboard, or use it ALONGSIDE your main machine (like a laptop or desktop) with the tablet working as a secondary display of sorts. The ability to adjust angles on the fly means you can work on any surface and still have all your devices facing you… and when you’re done, simply fold the Smart Desk Mat down into its flat panel and carry/stash it wherever you want.

The Smart Desk Mat comes in three color options – Night Black, Oxford Blue, and Sienna Brown – with a vegan leather exterior (and vegan leather accessories to match). The mat and magnetic cushion are available for an Early Bird price of $69, or $108 for the mat, cushion, and all the digital add-ons (like the wireless charger, tablet stand, watch stand, and cable organizers). For $127 you can grab the full kit too, which also includes magnetic holders for your stationery like memos/Post-Its as well as books/notepads.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $99 (20% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $500,000.