If Apple and Casio ever collaborated for a smartwatch, this would be it

Sweden-based Teenage Engineering is no stranger to creating stranger things! This smartwatch, however, is not a new concept from their inventive camp. Rather, it comes courtesy of a design house from another part of the world – Japan to be precise.

Amalgamating the elements of a digital watch with that of the good old mechanical timepiece, the concept design holds a lot of weight when it comes to satiating the lust of the pickiest of geeks.

Designer: Carl Hauser

The inspiration for this unique timepiece comes from the craving for the best of both worlds. That is, the reliable Apple Watch and rugged Casio watches. Carl never felt amused by the battery life of Apple’s smartwatch and ultimately switched to a Casio. Then came the realization of a hybrid watch that has a big dial with physical buttons to set the timer or navigate the menu. Also, these buttons could double as watch hands to denote the current time. The display with more than the desired notch (remember there are physical buttons on top) shows the current time in either analog or digital format.

Keeping the hybrid element of the two inspiring brands alive, the smartwatch has a square dial with a robust build for the toughest of adventures. The silver watch dial and buttons are contrasted with the slightly darker silver strap. To keep the industrial-styled design going, the watch gets prominent screws on the front on each of the three sides. The fourth one is a reset button completing the look with a bit of quirkiness.

There are vents on either side of the watch, signifying the presence of inbuilt speakers to answer calls or else, just to keep the innards cool. Either way, the designer has not detailed its purpose. In fact, there are scanty details about the features, and we would have loved specific information. That said if ever a collaborative smartwatch between Apple and Casio is made, this would be it!