There is now no excuse for an untidy desk!

Whist handheld vacuum cleaners may be compact in size compared to their full-sized counterparts, they are still far from being portable. This leads to them living a life exclusively within the home, which is odd when you think about how much time many of us spend away from our homes and instead sit at our desks! MUGG has been designed with the aim of keeping our desks dust-free, whilst remaining compact enough to fit comfortably within our bags.

It was only appropriate that a device that’s sole purpose is to keep our work environment clean, to carry an equally clean design; the white, matt finish beautifully emphasizes the gentle curves that make up its distinctive profile. To complement the hand-held device, a charging station has also been designed to complete this desirable proposal!

Designer: Dae Hun Kim

“Society has recently created a new market target called the “Deskterian,” and many dinning or desk electronics products are on the market for people who like to decorate their desks. But you spend the most of your day at your desk, easily exposed to the threat of each species of bacteria, germs, mites, and fine dust. It is also important to note the possibility of a safety accident on the desk due to the ‘tracking’ phenomenon, which increases the risk of fire due to dust generated during electronic operation,” Kim told Yanko Design.

“The ‘MUGG’ has a simple minimal vacuum cleaner structure and a brush that can be cleaned even in the event of power failure, protecting your health and safety.”

“The basic material of the product is ABS plastic, and the brush is elastomer. Use a C-type rechargeable battery, which can be used without the use of a brush as desired. If the brush is not fitted, it can be cleaned with higher suction power. The product consists of a small vacuum cleaner and a C-type charger. In case of a C-type charger, a smartphone wireless charging function is also possible when the vacuum cleaner is not used.”