How to unlock the power of incredible selfies with this $299 hovering selfie drone camera

Marques Brownlee says the best camera is the one you have on you… but what do you do when you’re just not a good photographer? Maybe your sense of composition isn’t good with selfies, or your arms are not long enough to get the entire group in the shot, or you don’t have a photographer to follow you around and click photos of you. What then? Well, you could opt for the average solution, a tripod… or you could get yourself an autonomous photographer that can go to any lengths, or heights, to get the best shot possible.

Designer: Zero Zero Robotics

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Meet the Hover X1, a pocket-sized self-flying camera that you can carry around with you wherever you go and simply deploy when you need the perfect photo or video. Working somewhat similar to most cinematic drones (but cheaper, smaller, and more personal), the Hover X1 weighs a mere 125 grams, and can fly autonomously, clicking photos and taking videos of you from pretty much any angle you choose. It’s small enough to take off right from your palm, but packs an impressive 12MP camera with a 90° wide-angle FoV that’s capable of 2.7K video at 30fps, or FullHD video at 60fps HDR, along with an intelligent design that lets you choose from multiple flight paths, and has built-in object-tracking abilities as well as impressive level-4 wind resistance. Say Cheese? More like Say Breeze!

The Hover X1’s format is one that you may be familiar with. Following the company’s famous book-shaped design, the self-flying camera folds in half when not in use, and opens up into a quadcopter that’s ready to take to the skies when needed. Power it on and the quadcopter lifts right off your palm in 3 seconds, with a simple touch of a button. The beauty of the Hover X1 is that, unlike other drones that require a fair amount of control, the X1 is entirely autonomous. Its pre-programmed flight paths mean the X1 doesn’t need someone with a controller maneuvering it around the place. All it needs is a subject to record, making it perfect for selfies and vlogging, with a single-touch interface that’s intuitive to even photography amateurs.

Hover Mode – Frames the user from a static position, perfect for hands-free selfies or group photos.

Follow Mode – Follows you from the front or back up to 20km/h. Robust computer vision algorithms keep you centered in the frame

Zoom Out Mode – Gradually includes more of the surroundings for dramatic effect, ideal for capturing the vibe of parties, camping, or backyard barbecues.

Orbit Mode – Orbits steadily around the user, ideal for showcasing a location or objects like your new home, car, or even a new puppy!

Bird’s Eye Mode – Captures overhead views with just one click, so you can see how even the most complex moments are laid out.

Triple Stabilization – Ensures silky-smooth lens movement and guarantees a smooth image every time.

Once in the air, the Hover X1 can navigate in 5 different paths, including orbiting, following, hovering, bird’s eye, and zooming out. Its object-tracking abilities allows the Hover X1 to always keep the subject in frame, and a VIO system located under the self-flying camera helps it maintain its height and achieve stable flight. The camera sits on a single-axis gimbal that lets it focus on a subject, and the Hover X1’s 1050mAh battery gives it enough juice for 20 flight paths. The device can get some incredible shots too, thanks to its ability to hover to places where a hand, tripod, or selfie stick can’t, along with features like HDR for crisp detail, as well as electronic image stabilization for jitter-free video.

Footage you capture gets transmitted straight to the Hover X1 app, where it can either be live-previewed or stored for later. The self-flying camera can be manually controlled over distances as high as 30m, giving you a fair amount of range for flexibility for some absolutely dramatic shots. You can view, edit, and share clips directly through the app, unlocking the unbridled power of autonomous aerial photography… without breaking the bank. The Hover X1 starts at $299 which includes the self-flying camera itself (available in white or black), although for another $30 you can even snag an add-on battery pack, and a charging hub that reduces charging time from 55 minutes to 35 minutes. The Hover X1 app is free to download, and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $389 (23% off). Hurry, only 17 left! Raised over $750,000.