A sleek Japanese electric grill that is a modular and space-efficient solution the traditional bulky appliance

The Magic Grill from Haruo Matsunaga is a modular, portable, and electric grill that comes with a removable base and a 3mm hot plate to optimize the product’s storage, assembly, and function.

Whether we’re camping or making the most out of small living spaces, portable grills solve a lot of our cooking dilemmas. When camping, having access to a portable grill is always preferable to starting a fire from scratch. In tiny living spaces, kitchenettes might be space-efficient, but weak stovetops can sometimes make cooking more frustrating than it has to be. The Magic Grill, an electric grill designed by Haruo Matsunaga strikes the ideal balance between space efficiency and functionality.

The Magic Grill, as ideated by Matsunaga measures an overall plate thickness of only 3mm using the brand’s proprietary ultra-thin AC film heater. Recognized by Good Design Awards for 2021’s cooking appliances category, the Magic Grill aims to solve storage issues that comes with traditional, bulky electric grills.

Constructed with a removable base, the Magic Grill can easily slide into any cramped cabinet or compact backpack thanks to its modular design. The Magic Grill’s film-shaped, full-face electric hot plate ensures that each dish is cooked evenly. Similar to Teppanyaki cuisine, The Magic Grill utilizes an iron griddle-like hot plate to cook food, ensuring an even cook-through and temperatures.

Leaning on a revolutionary, ultra-thin heater to cook various dishes, the Magic Grill’s innovation stems from the hot plate’s integrated proprietary technology. With a removable base, the Magic Grill can easily be stored anywhere and assembled quickly in the kitchen or on the go, requiring only an outlet for the electric cord to plug into for operation.

Designer: Haruo Matsunaga

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