Pond Recycling

Ponding is a washbasin that allows you to recycle the basin water in a much easier manner. A strategically placed jug right below the basin is what does the trick. The concept of reusing greywater has been around for a while and its interesting to note the different solutions that the designers come up with.

Designer: Tae-jin Kim & Design Team-IIDEA


  • Nicole says:

    cool. Where can I buy it?

    • yoori says:

      Well, I am one of the designers of ‘POND’ (awarded IDEA silve, 2011). We are quite regret and embarassed that you use our logo font (which is our own creation) without any permision in advance. We hope you would be more careful about using other’s creation. Thanks.

  • ju hee says:

    how much ponding????

  • Nick says:

    I never use that blue cup for washing my mouth.
    It looks dirty.

  • Hi says:

    You can’t use this product for gargling your mouth.
    If you can’t understand it, please read again the explanations with images.
    You can use it for washing your car, raking (or cleaning) your yard, or washing your mop (or rag).
    We want this note could be helpful for you to understand it.
    We appreciate your interests on this product.

  • SB says:

    And I’m quite embarrased that you guys clearly took the concept and even the design of the self-filling watering can from the Raindrop rain barrel (http://www.basvanderveer.nl/project/raindrop) and then dare to judge others for using other’s creations.

  • juenjo says:

    find it very creative and not only but also helps the environment and saves a lot of water that can be used for various ways

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