Imagine if you just needed one bag all your life… the Onli Pack was designed to be it

You probably have a laptop bag, a travel bag, a sports duffle, probably a camera bag too, a check-in suitcase for flights, and a handy carry-on case. Designer David Logan was audacious enough to ask the question, what if you didn’t need that many bags? Quite aptly titled Onli, Logan’s bag design aims at being the only bag you need to own. Whether it’s to carry a laptop strapped to your back, or to carry your luggage on a plane, the Onli Travel Venture Pack shapeshifts between a conventional backpack avatar and a wheeled-suitcase avatar giving you the ability and the freedom to carry whatever you want, however you want, and wherever you want.

The Onli Venture Pack comes with 43 liters of storage, close to triple the amount you’d get with a regular laptop bag. It features a modular design that lets it go from a slim, flat backpack for just your laptop and work essentials to a large bag you can pack 3 days worth of travel into. Either which way, its modular design allows the Onli Venture Pack to go wherever you go, and even fit into overhead compartments on airplanes or in the space under your seat on a flight.

The Onli Venture Pack comes with three different modules that can either be used together, or as separate items of luggage. It comprises an easy-to-carry padded laptop case, a more robust storage unit for your belongings, and a third unit for essentials. Together, they make a reliable travel pack that carries 43 liters worth of luggage, and separately, they become individual bags that can be carried on one’s shoulders or wheeled around. Each module is designed with a specific purpose in mind, and adds to the Onli’s long feature-list. The padded laptop bag is travel-friendly, TSA-compliant, and RFID-blocking. Independently, it’s the perfect bag for an easy-breezy work commute or business meeting, but strap it to the other modules and you’ve got a single, consolidated bag that holds your luggage as well as your gadgets. The Onli’s second, central compartment comes with its own spacious storage, reinforced by YKK zippers (which are used across the Onli), and a telescopic handle and wheels that allow the module to be wheeled around. On the inside, the Onli’s central compartment comes with a modular organization system that makes packing and unpacking easier, while keeping your belongings independently organized.

The Onli Venture Pack’s third, frontal module was designed for the functional flier… or the productive passenger. Designed to hold all your essentials apart from your laptop, the third module transfers into an instant workspace on your flight. Built with a folding tabletop that can rest notebooks, tablets, kindles, or any other productivity gadget you have on you, the frontal module hangs from the seat in front of you, giving you an impromptu workspace on flights. When not in use, it easily slides into the overhead compartment, securing all your belongings with its overall water-resistant and RFID-blocking design.

Whether carried independently, or together as one super-pack, the Onli practically envisions every scenario. Whether you’re traveling to work, traveling on a holiday, on a business trip, or you just need a bag to carry from the office to the gym, the Onli Venture Pack’s shape-shifting format and its ability to be shoulder-carried or wheeled allows it to be the one bag that was designed to be used anywhere and anyhow. Designed after 8 separate iterations to encompass every single use-case, the Onli Venture Pack is quite conveniently the only bag you’ll ever need.

Designer: David Logan

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Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack: Never check a bag again! This modular 3-part luggage system combines a world-class backpack with a carry-on, so it always fits! One bag travel made easy.

Travel confidently, with more flexibility with JUST ONE BAG. The Onli Venture Rolling Suitcase and Backpack connect together into a single integrated TSA checkpoint-friendly carry-on bag, that can be rolled or carried as a backpack – your choice! Never check a bag again.

The modular, zip-on/zip-off and recombine design enables one-bag travel, provides flexibility, helps you avoid checking a bag, and results in the product actually being 3 bags in one.

In addition the Venture Backpack can unzip into two smaller packs for smaller day trips, or for you and a companion. Or zip them to the Rolling Suitcase to create the Venture Rolling Pack. It’s about having the right bag the moment you need it.

One bag should be able to anticipate and meet your needs, whether commuting to work, exploring a new city, hopping on a plane for a four-day, four- city business trip, or for three weeks trekking in Nepal.

How to Use the Onli Travel Bag, Backpack, and Packing System.

If the airplane is crowded the Onli Venture Rolling Pack can be separated into three pieces so you don’t have to check it.

The front section straps to the seat in front of you for access to all your items and electronics during flight, and the top pocket unzips to become a shelf for your tablet.

The front and back components of the Onli Venture Rolling Pack combine together to make a great backpack on it’s own. It’s expandable, with over 13 liters of extra space (effectively turning it into a weekender bag) but a minimalist, close-to-your-back design that works well in crowds when not expanded. The front of the backpack zips off, creating two smaller/lighter daypacks when needed.

Key Features:

Click Here To Buy Now: $239 $299 ($60 Off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!