RE:PLAY lets you rediscover the joy of interaction with revived use of phone to play in retro

The way we interact with objects today has become increasingly virtual. The excitement is limited and we need reasons to fall back on the past for rejuvenation. This is recaptured with a new way of engagement of using physical objects from the past in the RE-PLAY.

RE:PLAY is designed as a revolutionary concept aiming to bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical. It invites us to reflect on the value of human-object interaction. By leveraging sound players as vessels, RE:PLAY ingeniously blends old-world physicality with modern digital audio sources; an exciting amalgamation that gives rise to a captivating experience to resonate with our nostalgic hearts.

Designer: Shin Huei Tsai, Tzu Yu Huang and Zhuang Zhujun

Rendered on KeyShot: Click Here to Download Your Free Trial Now!

Gone are the days of cassette tapes and vinyl records as primary sound sources. But in the RE:PLAY, these classics are seamlessly integrated with smartphone as the conduit for modern music.

Vinyl players have always evoked a sense of serenity and ritual and paired with a smartphone the contraption is very fresh. The cherished ritual of positioning the tonearm and spinning the disc is revived here with a modern twist. Your phone becomes the vinyl record itself. By carefully positioning the tonearm on your phone, you can indulge in the magic of playing music while visually interacting with the spinning disc.

Who can forget the cassettes? RE:PLAY pays homage to this beloved format by preserving the age-old action of spinning the tape in a cassette recorder. But instead of inserting a physical cassette, you kickstart music by placing your smartphone into the designated slot. We’ve also reimagined the once-cumbersome task of flipping the cassette over as a seamless way to switch songs. Every five songs, you’ll find yourself flipping your phone to continue the melodic journey.

The aesthetics of RE:PLAY are carefully crafted. Pristine white is chosen as the base color allowing the physical interfaces to take center stage. Translucent frosted acrylic adds depth and richness to the design that permits the spinning discs and tape to be visible while playing.

In an era where the virtual often overshadows the physical, RE:PLAY is a beacon of hope.  It’s a visual feast that blends nostalgia with a contemporary flair.