Oranges And Air Coolers Have A Deep Relationship

Min Sung Kim feels there is a deep connection between an orange and an air cooler. He uses the simile of a fresh juicy one against an arid dry orange to describe the refreshing experience of his Airflow Air-Circulator Concept. The highlight of this circular cooler is the 300 degree rotation angle that circulates cool air into the room with greater efficiency. Basically, the warm air is sucked into the tube from the ends and cool air dispensed through the fills on the length of the body.

Designer: Min Seong Kim


  • KwangErn says:

    Interesting…I wonder how good it is…

    is it in production? Or still a concept?

  • exppie says:

    But where we can practise use it device?

  • Seung hun says:

    congratulation!! min seong bro!!

  • zingzing says:

    Wow~! surprise, Good!! production…Uhm..good
    And keep your passion of design.

  • dangdang says:

    That’s very hot!! so interesting…
    ^ ^ fighting~!!

  • daniel heo. says:

    so cool~

  • longman says:

    thst’s very cool!!

  • jungsuri says:


  • yeappiii says:

    so good~

  • Arul says:

    Great concept. But it would still need a refrigerant coil to efficiently cool a space.

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