Suicidal Drama Queen!

Looks like not being Chinese means missing out on a lot of fun, I don’t even know what Jiong is! Apparently its a Chinese character that sports a half-smiling and half-fainting face, and is very popular on Internet. People use its caricature as an emoticon to display shock and dramatize a situation. Designer Haikun Deng plans to make a drama queen out of Jiong cause she has fashioned it to “commit suicide” if you slam the door shut! SLAM and the [email protected]@dy door knob hits you hard in your hands!

I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (centrifugal force in action), much like an emotional actress!
Pop it back into place after you kids have had your tickles!

Designer: Haikun Deng


  • kilian says:

    what the F*** ??!!

  • Anthony says:


      │╯╰ │
      │ 口├┬—╮
    ╯ ╯╰—

  • Sam says:

    I agree with you that 囧 is a very popular charecter, but “half smiling half fainting”?

    BTW, 囧 actually has a real meaning which has nothing to do with the face expression. “Bright.”

    • Radhika Seth says:

      Interesting to know that it actually means Bright and has nothing to do with expressions!
      Come to think of it, looks like we really twist language to suit our convenience.

  • Chung Dha says:

    Uhm when I shut the door I don’t often grab the knob I just slam it hard holding the side and when get my hand out in time. If the happen then you would see the know flying across the room. Also I think if you are and angry and you pull out the know you might use it as a weapon and make the situation worser then before.

  • MadCow says:

    this dude must be smoking some good “buddha” over thur in china. puff puff pass pls!

  • Would be a fine gizmo for a action movie, much more graphic than a lock……

  • DAn says:

    so does that mean when i slam the door it flys out to my enemy as a bullet, and in the same time lock myself in the room?!?!?!? as known door knobs are 2 ways….

  • Keith says:

    You get to slam the door and launch stuff into a room, hopefully breaking anything fragile that this might hit, awesome. We need a better filter on what gets in here.

  • Dreamthefuture says:

    Looks like “haro” from the old Gundam series

  • 囧囧 says:

    It's so lovely~

  • 囧囧 says:

    It’s so lovely~

  • wellso says:

    …this Chinese character is very..awesome.. XD
    but I feel it looks like “Haro” when I got the first sight of it

  • Chuck says:

    Firstly the designer should know what the word “囧” mean to even use it in the context of your concept. Secondly, you should either get someone to help with your English or word it in your own language in the description, because most of the readers here are English speakers. Or someone who can read your language (presumably Chinese) will translate it to the rest. And lastly, because I could not understand what you are trying to tell me what this is….. WTF is this?

    – Single sided door-knob?
    – What words cannot explain well, your jiong-knob can?
    – When the door slams shut, it falls off? Locking the other person in the room?

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