LEGO announces highly detailed X-Wing Starfighter just in time for Star Wars Day 2023

There are just a few weeks to go for this year’s Star Wars Day and to mark the occasion, LEGO has introduced yet another T-65 X-Wing Starfighter to the ever-growing collection. This intricate set is going to be the newest model in the Ultimate Collector Series for LEGO fanatics who value attention to detail. For those who aren’t aware, the Ultimate Collector Series collection already consists of the AT-AT, Millennium Falcon, Razorcrest, and Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder sets.

One thing that sets this one apart from previous ones is the screen-accurate X-Wings complete with signature KX9 laser cannons, 4L4 fusion thrust engines, and S-foils ready to be locked into an attack position. Compare that to the previous 1,559-piece set released in 2013, and you’ll instantly spot the minute little additions that make the new one desirable.

Designer: LEGO

This X-Wing Starfighter LEGO kit comprises 1,949 pieces in total and measures 10.5 inches in height and 21.5 inches in length when fully assembled. Along with the R2-D2 minifig inside the X-Wing Starfighter, there is a spot on the stand to put the Luke Skywalker minifig dressed in a Rebel flight suit, intimidating galactic warriors with his mighty lightsaber. This timeless Starfighter can be displayed on an old-school stand with the wings either retracted or fully open in the X configuration to bring your Star Wars-themed den to life.

For nerds, there’s a plaque showing all the technical details of the fighter and finally gets over the hassle of aligning stickers properly, something that was an irk on the earlier models. The LEGO set will be available early for LEGO VIP members on May 1, while others can grab one starting May 4 for a price tag of $239.99. The LEGO kit will be available both at the toy maker’s physical stores and online portals. But even before that, you can catch a glimpse of the Starfighter at the toy LEGO’s ExCel London booth.