Massive 3,981-piece LEGO Batcave Shadow Box draws inspiration from upcoming Batman movie

Warners Bros. next big movie “The Flash” is all set to hit the theatres on June 16th and a complementing LEGO set arrives just in time for caped Crusader fans. Based on the classic Batman Returns movie released way back in 1992, this detailed LEGO set is complete with working lights, moving parts, batarang cabinet and a Batmobile with flame element attached to the exhaust that rotates when the car moves.

The 3,981-piece limited edition “Batman Returns” Batcave Shadow Box measures 20 inches wide and 11 inches tall when completely assembled. This detailed LEGO set will come in an equally cool rectangular case measuring 20 inches wide.

Designer: LEGO Group

This will be one of the largest Batman LEGO set ever released by the group, and the biggest kit released in 2023 so far. The unfolding design showcasing a Batcave inside is somewhat like the UCS Mos Eisley Cantina released in 2020. The similarities between the two end there, as this one will look gorgeous on a living room shelf. The concealed Batcave inside the box with a cut-out in the shape of the iconic Batman emblem creates intrigue and element of fun.

Some brand new minifigures are featured in the folding diorama including Catwoman, Penguin, Alfred Pennyworth, Christopher Walken as Max Shreck, and Bruce Wayne. All the movable elements of the set can be controlled from the back. Things like opening the Batsuit vault, turning the chair, toggling the computer screen, or closing the tool store.

To complete the LEGO set’s appeal, there’s a light brick too that can illuminate the caped crusader’s suit when drawbridge is lowered. Coming back to the Batmobile, it has dial-activated pop-up machine guns and hand tools for repair. Also, Batman minifigure fits in the driving seat when he’s donning the cape.

We can see the clear inspiration of the LEGO set from the new Batcave created for Keaton’s appearance in the upcoming movie. At least what’s apparent from the initial trailers. For LEGO VIP’s the Batman Shadowbox set will arrive early on June 4th while others can get their hands on it two days later on June 8th.