Stir Fry Kids

No, we’re not cannibals; and kids are precious too. I just wanted to introduce you to a new lineup called Wedo – a table top induction cooking system that allows children to learn the art of Stir-fry cooking without the risks. The system includes a chopping board, individual insulated cooking pods with anti-spill lid, and an induction cooking plate. The external temperature in this system doesn’t exceed 35ºC, which is good enough for Stir-frying.

Heat resistant properties of ‘Polysulfone’ and Silicon Rubber have been incorporated to the design.

As a mother of two children I know I would want this for my children. The concept is quite indulgent and I wonder how many kids will actually use a specialized Stir-fry cooker. I mean aren’t all kids allergic to healthy meals; don’t they all want fries n cookies n burgers!

Designer: Jonny Freeman

Wedo Safe Table Top Cooking Appliance For Children by Jonny Freeman








  • Oliver says:

    Great product to get kids interested in healthy eating! Getting my children vaguely interested in what they eat is hard work, this makes a fun activity for them to do!

  • Szilveszter Buzasi says:

    coool 🙂

  • Adisson says:

    Heck, I would use this, as a college student, because it would work in my room and I wouldnt have to meander around to find a kitchen!

  • qwerty says:

    stir fry is not always healthy contrary to what u believe

    • Jonny says:

      I am unaware it states in the product description that stir fries are always healthy. Obviously, like a lot of meals, stir fries can vary a lot in goodness. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to purchase and monitor ingredients in order to provide a healthy meal for the children. (Given that the product is sold to promote a healthy diet one might assume that parents/guardians would buy healthier ingredients).

      Stir frying was seen as an effective platform to introduce children to new vegetables in a fun and engaging way: thus promoting a greater interest in a healthy diet. By introducing a number of safety innovations the product has made this far easier. With the help of a number of top child psychologists and nutritionists the product has been put though rigorous evaluation. The outcome proved that the product does in fact achieve its goals.

  • Adam Wadey says:

    Hi Jonny,
    I’m currently in my final year of a product design degree at Brunel University London and am looking at developing an appliance to engage children in cooking for my Major Project this year. I think this is a fantastic product and would love an opportunity to discuss your development with you.
    Is there any chance this might be possible? Any advice or information you could provide me with regarding your technical or aesthetic development of this product would be much appreciated.

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