The Sony PlayStation ‘Project Q’ Controller Already has a Potent Xbox Rival That Plugs to your Smartphone

Although Sony just debuted their first handheld gaming console ever since the PSP Street in 2011, the device, codenamed Project Q, received a lot of negative attention for how limited it was. The handheld console would, according to Sony, only work with the PS5, streaming games over a local WiFi connection. In short, you could only ‘stream’ games off the PS5 using a local internet connection, rather than playing your PS5 games anywhere. The folks at RIG were having none of that. Designed to be everything gamers wanted Sony’s Project Q to be, the RIG Nacon MG-X PRO gives gamers the ability to play all their favorite AAA games on the small screen, wherever they go. With its ergonomic design that lets you sandwich your smartphone in between, the MG-X PRO comes specially made for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving you the ability to play all your favorite console games wherever you go. It’s also MFi-certified, allowing you to tap into your iPhone for some upper-echelon gaming that goes beyond the Apple Arcade.

Designer: RIG

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The design of the  MG-X PRO places emphasis on familiarity and ease of use. Crafted to mimic the layout of an Xbox controller, the device includes Home/Nexus, View, and Menu buttons, as well as clickable asymmetric analog sticks. This design pays tribute to the traditional gaming feel while keeping pace with the advancements of mobile gaming technology.

Where the RIG MG-X PRO truly shines is its adjustable phone cradle. Engineered to accommodate a variety of iPhone models, starting from iPhone 6 and newer, this versatile cradle comfortably fits screens up to 6.7 inches in size. So whether you’re still cherishing your old device or have just upgraded to the latest iPhone, this wireless mobile controller has you covered.

Gaming can sometimes get pretty intense, and you’d be right to worry whether your phone, quite literally, is in good hands. To that very degree, the RIG MG-X PRO is designed with rubberized clamps, ensuring that your phone remains secure while you’re in the thick of the action. The last thing you need in the middle of a virtual battle is your device slipping out of its holder, and whether it’s an Android device or iPhone, the MG-X PRO holds onto it pretty snugly and securely.

The RIG MG-X PRO connects to your device using Bluetooth 4.2 (+ BLE), which ideally isn’t as low-latency as WiFi, but it does keep your phone’s WiFi antenna free to connect to external networks so you can stream your games effectively. Although designed for the Xbox Game Pass, the controller works with other gaming platforms too, including Steam Link, Nvidia GeForce Now, PS Remote Play, and even Apple Arcade. The controller comes with its own built-in battery that promises 20 whopping hours of gameplay on a full charge. It juices in a mere 2 hours too, letting you jump right back into gameplay after a quick break.

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