EDC for Social Distancing? This tool lets you push buttons, open doors, without human contact


We may be bordering on prepper territory here, but if you look at the statistics in certain cities like New York, São Paulo, or even Mumbai, chances are the person right beside you could be carrying the Coronavirus. It’s easy to prescribe behaviors to help keep people safe, but implementing those behaviors is equally difficult. You could be standing 6 feet away from someone at the supermarket, but you still have your hands touching the same products or the same shopping cart. You avoid pressing buttons on the elevator, but you can’t really avoid using your hands while pressing buttons on an ATM machine, or after you swipe your credit card at the medical shop. We’ve seen a few products in the past few months that help avoid these sub-conscious interactions, but the Corohook aims at being a more comprehensive product that’s built to be able to do more, and actually act like an extension of your entire hand.

Styled almost like an ice-axe you’d see mountain-climbers using, the Corohook is a robust tool that you can use to pull shopping carts, maneuver items from shelves into your cart, or potentially even open refrigerators at grocery stores. The handy hook is robust enough to pull open doors, lift up lids on garbage bins, and just do any sort of task you’d require your hands for, whether it’s as delicate as pressing a button, or as tough as carrying shopping bags.

The Corohook comes built for heavy-duty tasks and is strong enough to easily lift up to 22lbs or 10 kilograms without breaking a sweat. Its hook shape works like an extension of your hand when it comes to pulling and carrying, and a slight extrusion at the end of it works as a fingertip, allowing you to press, probe, or flick away objects. Unlike the EDC we’ve showcased before, the Corohook is actually made from plastic, rather than metal, but uses anti-microbial additives that make it hygienic and resistant to germs. Besides, the creators of the Corohook believe that these additives even prevent bacteria and mold from forming on the product, effectively increasing its lifespan. The hooks come in two sizes, for adults as well as for children, with a lanyard that slips around your wrists to keep the hook handy and secured to yourself – basically a more effective strategy than having EDC that sits in your pocket, causing you to oftentimes forget to even take it out to press buttons or pull open doors. The Corohook even comes at a more affordable cost, starting at just $11 for a product that you can use for years, even though we sincerely hope it doesn’t really get to that!

Designer: Inovata Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $11.

Corohook – Antimicrobial Multipurpose Hand Gadget

The Corohook is an essential design that helps to stop the spread of viral diseases and makes doing your daily errands easier and safer. Using it can guarantee to maintain a high level of hygiene, which is the most we can do not only for ourselves but also for others.

All around the world potentially contaminated surfaces are touched more than 200 times per day. Corohook will make it possible to avoid unnecessary bare hand contact in everyday errands.

Easy to carry. Proven comfortable carrying up to 10kg/22lb.

Corohook Mini Touch

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With every purchase the team donates one Corohook to the people who need it the most.

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