This idyllic wooden cabin overlooks a lake and the natural landscape of Ontario

If you’re looking for a stunning little cottage to get away to and simply relax, then you’ve reached the right place. Cottages are by far the best type of vacation I’ve come across. They’re a peaceful and tranquil option to abandon your urban life and woes, and simply unwind in nature. They’re the perfect safe haven nestled in the midst of nature, providing you a break from your everyday hectic life. If you’re wondering where to head for your next cottage retreat, then worry not, because we just found the perfect cottage for you to visit this summer – the Algonquin Highlands Cottage in Ontario.

Designer: BLDG Workshop

BLDG Workshop built a picturesque wooden cottage on an island peninsula in a lake of Algonquin Highlands. The cottage overlooks the rocky outcrops and shorelines of the Great Canadian Shield. The cottage was constructed while paying special attention to the relationship between indoor and outdoor space, and the natural landscape of Ontario. The natural elements of the site were amplified and elevated – for example, the sun patterns on the peninsula since they are related to the morning and evening light.

The studio incorporated a large indoor-outdoor space at the front peak of the home, which overlooks the lake and the stunning landscape. This space helps to capture the natural light throughout the day, creating a cottage that is flooded with light at all times. The home features an open-plan layout, as well as a huge interior sliding window enabling the home to serve as an all-day outdoor living space through most of the year. This allows the cottage to function as an open, spacious, and free-flowing dwelling that stays connected to nature.

The cottage comprises of a series of zig-zag overhangs, glazed fronts, and gabled rooftops supported by a wooden framework. It features two storeys that house multiple living zones and common lounge areas. The outdoor space has been equipped with wooden decks that double up as sitting spots too. The wooden cottage is perfect for a cozy getaway with your family or close friends – it is idyllic, intimate, and of course, beautifully designed.