Unleash your wild side with Polaris Xpedition, ultimate side-by-side designed for overlanding fun

Don’t let life’s ordinary moments hold you back. Get ready to embark on thrilling expeditions, push your limits, and create memories with the 2024 Polaris Xpedition. This groundbreaking side-by-side off-road vehicle defies all norms and takes your outdoor adventures to new heights.

Polaris Xpedition is for those who love to embrace the extraordinary. It is your gateway to freedom, exploration, and the great outdoors. So, hop onto the new Polaris unleash your wild side and answer the call of adventure.

Designer: Polaris

Crafted from the ground up, the Polaris Xpedition boldly ventures into the realm of overlanding. Recently unveiled at a virtual event, this exceptional vehicle is the perfect fusion of a UTV and an overlanding rig, catering to the desires of adventure enthusiasts.

Meant for unparalleled excitement, this large two- or four-door off-roader offers an abundance of interior space for riders and an array of storage and accessory options, ensuring you’re fully equipped for your escapades in the wilderness.

The fully-enclosed two-seat Xpedition boasts removable panels, including a windscreen, windows, and roof, much like other acclaimed Polaris models. What sets it apart is the availability of roof and side covers in both cloth and hard materials, allowing for modular configurations that perfectly suit your needs.

By enclosing the Polaris Xpedition, it becomes more capable of comfortable ride. Add to that the convenience of cabin heating and other amenities and you have a mean machine for an enduring journey. The new Polaris is equipped with formidable power and impressive suspension, making it a smooth conqueror of all types of terrain.

Its impressive fuel range of 200 miles ensures that you can venture deep into the wilderness without worry. With a robust 114 horsepower and a generous 14 inches of ground clearance, this off-roader is your steadfast companion, whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing, or mountain biking.

Standout feature yet is the innovative lock and ride system of the Polaris Xpedition which enhances the ride’s adaptability. This cutting-edge storage and cargo attachment system redefines convenience, providing ample space to pack everything you need for your immersive outdoor adventures.

Starting at $29,000, the Polaris Xpedition comes in a slew of models ranging up to $40,000 sans any accessories, such as the rooftop tent. The 2024 Polaris Xpedition offers incredible value for money and is expected to be available toward the end of 2023.