Turn your pedal bicycle into an e-bike in just 30 seconds with this $309 universal add-on

In a tool-free installation that takes all of 30 seconds, the LIVALL PikaBoost turns your regular pedal-powered bicycle into an electric-assisted bike that gives you the advantage of a motor-powered riding experience. Designed to sit firmly clamped to the seat of your bike frame, the LIVALL PikaBoost sits right above your rear wheel, rotating it with the power of a motor that can intelligently detect your speed, cadence, terrain, etc. and provide you with an added push whenever necessary!

Designer: LIVALL

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While e-bikes are all the rage these days, buying a new one can set you back thousands of dollars, or converting your existing bike to an e-bike can require money, time, effort, and needing you to pull your bicycle apart to add the conversion kit. The PikaBoost, on the other hand, is easy enough for a child to install, snaps onto your bicycle without any tools whatsoever, and works on almost all kinds of bicycles, from regular road bicycles to mountain bikes and even those new-fangled folding ones. The way it works is simple – just like how you move the pedals forward to move the bicycle, the PikaBoost uses a motor to push your bicycle forward. The PikaBoost’s motor relays its rotations to a rubber wheel, which sits against your bicycle’s rear wheel, giving it a strangely hybrid ‘rear wheel drive’!

There are a bunch of things that are quite remarkable about the PikaBoost, from the fact that it’s a portable device that snaps on or snaps off bicycles on demand, to its actual abilities that go well beyond just ‘assisting’ your drive. The PikaBoost uses what LIVALL likes to call AAR technology (Automatic Adaptive Rate), or a combination of sensors and algorithms that make your ride smarter by being able to adjust its power based on terrain or based on how tired you are, providing more of a boost wherever necessary. Meanwhile, it recovers that power through an intelligent regenerative system that turns your pedalling into battery power to be used later.

Semi-assisted pedaling.

Fully assisted without pedaling.

Once strapped in place, the PikaBoost offers three broad modes of use based on the degree of assistance it provides. The Cruise mode is perfect for short distances, allowing PikaBoost to handle most of the load during in-city commutes like heading to work, a friend’s place, or on a quick coffee run. Begin riding and the PikaBoost supplies your rear wheel with power to help you maintain your speed, gradually increasing it to give you an all-electric riding experience and reducing the speed based on your braking pattern. An Eco mode provides just the right balance between power-assistance and power-saving. It’s perfect for people who love cycling but don’t have the stamina or physical strength to embark on long journeys over treacherous terrain. In Eco mode, the PikaBoost detects when you’re getting tired or when you’re riding uphill, assisting you to take the pressure off your joints and body. When moving downhill, the PikaBoost switches off the motor and uses your downhill momentum to charge its batteries. The third Exercise mode is nothing like the previous two. While the Cruise and Eco modes assist your riding, the Exercise mode does the opposite, providing a little resistance to make riding more challenging for the more advanced rider. In the Exercise mode, the PikaBoost device basically turns into a dynamo, converting your pedaling power and kinetic energy into electrical energy for it to store in its batteries, boosting your overall range.

E-brake – E-brake allows PikaBoost to cut power to the motor at the moment the brake levers are actuated.

Fall Detection – Once the tilt angle of the bike is detected to be greater than 45 degrees, PikaBoost will immediately stop the motor output.

Slip Detection – PikaBoost switches off the motor and automatically switches to the regenerative system when the bike tire loses traction on road thus causing the bike to skid.

Auto-Sensing Rear Light – Light will automatically light up by detecting the bike’s brake line to keep you safe during your ride.

Wireless Bluetooth Lock – Will automatically lock when the Bluetooth signal on your phone is away from PikaBoost to protect against theft.

Regenerative System – PikaBoost can convert kinetic energy into electricity and hence functions as a power generator.

While the various modes make riding easier or more challenging, the PikaBoost is equipped with a set of features that make riding safer too. The device comes with a built-in accelerometer that can detect falls, automatically stopping the motor if you incline more than 45° to prevent any further injury. If you’re riding on slippery terrain, PikaBoost’s slip detection kicks in, switching off the motor and going into regenerative mode to reduce speed and enhance friction between the wheel and the ground to lower the risk of skidding. Each PikaBoost also comes with a brake sensor that mounts to your bicycle’s handlebars. This E-Brake allows you to directly communicate with the PikaBoost device, getting it to brake everytime you hit the brakes on your bicycle. The E-Brake works remarkably well even when the main brake lines on your bike fail, vastly enhancing your safety and preventing accidents. Moreover, your PikaBoost is built to be IP66 resistant to sand, dust, and water, which means you can ride your bike on any sort of terrain even in the rain, enjoying the experience without any worries.

All these features fit in a device that’s just a little over 13 inches long and weighs 6.6lb (3 kilograms). On the inside, the PikaBoost houses a powerful 250W motor that runs incredibly silently, powered by a 234Wh battery (comprising 18 replaceable battery cells) that gives the PikaBoost output speeds as high as 21mph (30kmh) and ranges of 18 miles (30 kilometers) depending on the mode you’re using. The PikaBoost also comes with a built-in taillight that can be customized to flash or glow solid to keep you visible during the day or night, and a USB-C putput port that lets you charge your devices using the PikaBoost’s battery power. The PikaBoost also comes with a smartphone app that allows you to monitor its stats, set your location so the device adheres to local transport law requirements, and even lock or unlock your PikaBoost from your phone using Bluetooth. Alternatively, you could just detach the PikaBoost device from your bicycle, carrying it around with you to prevent it from being stolen!

Perhaps the cherry on the cake is the fact that the entire PikaBoost kit costs as little as $299 on Kickstarter, where it’s currently accepting pledges from backers. For just that price, you get the PikaBoost device along with the E-Brake sensor, a USB-C cable, a battery compartment, a set of 18650-type battery cells (18 of them), and a quick-start guide. You can add additional accessories to your pledge, like an extra battery pack to boost your range, a mud-guard for your PikaBoost device, or even a universal holder for your smartphone!

Click Here to Buy Now: $309 $599 ($290 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $1,160,000.