Hybrid Inclusive Mobility?


It’s probably a good thing that at first glance, I couldn’t tell whether the Volkswagen Roller was an urban mobility device or a disabled mobility device. I think we should start thinking of products that bridge the gap between regular and special needs.

The Volkswagen Roller, in fact, is a new-age roller skate. It’s autonomous, and hands-free. The design comes with two main hubless wheels and two retractable rear wheels. The rear wheels (almost like a plane’s landing gear) remain outside before and after the ride. However, while in-transit, they retract inwards, so that you ride using only the main hubless wheels on each foot. Think of it as a split hover board, but Volkswagen style.

Each roller comes with a hard-plastic shoe that you slide your feet into. Maybe one day disabled people can have bionic feet that look like that and all you need to do is snap a pair of hubless wheels on and you’re set to go! It would be interesting to see a car company like VW entering the futuristic disabled mobility business. If the Volkswagen Rollers are any indicator, they’ll definitely look incredibly stylish!

Designer: Raquel Villani