The Only Tactical Multi-Tool You’ll Ever Need: This Titanium Pocket Knife + Glass-Breaker Conquers All

Small enough to fit on your keychain, this tactical tool can get you out of a variety of hot messes. The Bladeclip features an all-titanium handle, with a quick-deploy interchangeable blade that always has you ready for any indoor or outdoor cutting action. Machined into the titanium handle is also a unibody carabiner clip with clever design detailing, a bottle opener, a keychain ring, and a window breaker that covers quite a few responsibilities of a good multitool. To make things even more impressive, the Bladeclip measures a mere 3.2 inches (81mm) when closed, weighs just a little over 2 ounces (61 grams), and comes machined out of Grade 5 Titanium, giving you a multitool that’ll outlive you by a couple of decades without even showing signs of wear and tear.

Designer: 3 Peters

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The Bladeclip is a good multitool that’s been executed brilliantly. Pocket blades with built-in bottle openers are a dime a dozen, but the Bladeclip’s design direction shows a clever appreciation of detailing, material choices, and even user experience all along. Every part of the Bladeclip feels well-made, and every corner of it is executed flawlessly. For starters, the entire body of the Bladeclip comes machined from Grade 5 Titanium, giving it incredible durability while allowing it to be pretty lightweight. Its clever design reduces the number of moving parts too, so that your blade has fewer points of failure.

Activated by a clever flipper with a roller bearing, the BladeClip comes with a replaceable No.18 scalpel-style blade that you can either replace whenever needed, or swap out for any other standard scalpel blade. Made from surgical-grade steel, the blade offers high strength and anti-corrosion properties, while boasting of a blade sharp enough to whittle away at wood, slice paracord, or even through a seatbelt. The blade gets deployed with a simple flick of your thumb and stays open thanks to a liner lock mechanism. When the blade runs dull, instead of sharpening it, you can simply ditch it for a new blade, keeping your BladeClip going even when the going gets tough.

The side profile of the BladeClip gives you a brief overview of its other functions, including a bottle opener that lets you effortlessly crack open a brewski in the hot outdoors (or even indoors), and that brilliantly designed carabiner mechanism that’s machined right into the titanium itself. Right under the carabiner sits a window-breaker that lets you make a quick exit from a building or a car, or break into an emergency box to retrieve a first aid kit or fire extinguisher in a crisis.

The BladeClip’s carabiner quick-release clip has my heart for its ingenious design. Rather than building a spring-loaded arm into the carabiner, the BladeClip’s handle comes with a series of machined cuts that allow for the titanium to flex ever so gently, functioning as a spring-loaded arm that bends under pressure, but then shuts back with a satisfying click. The lack of a mini spring and of a separate arm makes the carabiner much more efficient from a manufacturing perspective, and also helps the BladeClip last longer and resist breakage. I won’t be surprised if this also becomes a nice fidget interaction that you’ll find yourself constantly playing with.

The genius series of cuts allows the BladeClip’s titanium arm to be flexible

The quick-release carabiner clip’s design also makes carrying the BladeClip really easy. While most pocket knives come with a dedicated pocket clip to help securely carry your EDC with you, the BladeClip ditches that for the versatile carabiner detail that straps to your belt, belt loop, or even your pocket. Couple that with its built-in keychain and you’ve got yourself a winning EDC on your hands… or in your pocket!

A look at the BladeClip’s flipper mechanism while deploying the blade

The BladeClip comes with ten standard No. 18 surgical blades, although it supports a variety of other blades too, from No. 19 to No. 26 scalpel blades. The blades are strong, sharp, and cheap, allowing you to easily replace them periodically. As far as replaceable add-ons go, there’s even space for a tiny tritium slot on the BladeClip’s body, although that’s available separately.

Each BladeClip sports a stone-washed finish and starts at $89, and for an extra $15, you can either have your BladeClip anodized with a matte black finish or get your name custom engraved on the handle, turning it into a true heirloom item that you can pass down to your great grand-children… Given its rugged titanium build, it’ll probably still look as good as new.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $129 (31% Off) Hurry! Only 6 Days to go!